Tuesday, June 29


I can't comment on several blogs. There's no word verification visible and a message appears saying: this service is not available. Same thing with answering a comment: microsoft detected a problem, do you wish to sent/not sent a failure report.. Is it MY laptop or connection that's acting up or has anyone else the same problem, I wonder. I'm sure it'll pass as sudden as it appears but for now I cannot answer any comments. Perhaps better luck tomorrow!

So, for those who asked: an update on my Béép adventures..
The Zombie is beheaded, (HALLELUJAH). I have the usual Beep, which is a huge relief. The Zombie vanished 3 days ago, slowly but surely.

I went for an E.N.G. (electro nystagmo grafie, in Dutch) today. You have to look at light dots and they put warm and cold water in your ears, with great force, I can add. It's to check your balance, because i had dizzy spells and was "out" 2 times. Well, you sure get VERY dizzy when they spritz the water in your ears!!
I felt completely drunk for 2 hours after!
Now i'm oké with 2 sore ears but the important thing is that I do NOT have Meniere's disease and that it's oké to get on the motorbike, so we can plan another roadtrip heading south.
The 6th of July a MRI is scheduled and I'm going to do a "Tinnitus Retraining Therapy" probably late August.
Why the Beep became a Zombie isn't clear, but I'm happy now it's gone.
Thanks to those who asked about my health, it's appreciated a lot!!!

Saturday, June 19

The Beep

Warning: big rant!
As I posted a while ago: I have a beep in my ear. It's official name is "Tinnitus", but I like to call it the Beep. It's basicly a constant ringing in my leftear. I can ignore it most of the time, although it IS a nuisance.

Last wednesday, however, the Beep all of a sudden turned into a screeking zombie. this too is not uncommon and usually dissapears after a while. Not this time. The zombie was here to stay. Thursday I woke up with a slightly deaf leftear and the screeking. At work I got nosebleeds FOUR times and after 3 hours my left ear was completely deaf and started to hurt and sounds were deforming. That was when I panicked. Called DH, he called the hospital and the doc could see me. Pfff!

The doc however, had no explanation why the Beep turned into the Zombie and why I couldn't hear. It was, she said, probably because I was fixed on the Beep and I should seek distraction. Play some music, she said. OMG!! The nosebleeds were caused by high bloodpressure, because I was stressing out.
NO! I got increasing hearing/ear problems and THEN I freaked out, not the other way around. I might be deaf, but she was not listening!!
She said my ear looked fine and I told her I wanted to stick a knitting pen in it. Then she ask if I had any hobby's (again distraction) and my answer was that i like to fondle fabrics.
She called the cavalry after that:
Friday a call from a psygologist: he wanted to make an emergency appointment. No. thank you
Then a social worker for again an emergency appointment. No, thank you too
Then an audiologist specialized in the Beep: Oké, that could be an answer to my questions!
An MRI is scheduled and an E.N.G. (something to do with my balance in the ear) so I'll be spending lots of time in the hospital in the hope that someone can behead my zombie.

I called in sick (can't hear what anyone is ordering and that's very inconvenient for a caterer) and look for the right distraction. I'm making pies and cupcakes. C's collegues are into baking and they wanted "something" with tarts. (C sells all I/we sew lately 'lol')

Wednesday, June 16

Happy dance :)

When I came home today, there was a parcel on  my doormat..I opened the envelop before I got my camera but on the other hand, an envelop is not that interesting. What's inside is what matters and look: it's wrapped in fabric and has a bow! Ahhhh...
..and there it is: the give away I won!
Cathy had more surprises for me: a very nice card with a dear message in it and a bonus inside the pretty pretty bag: a tape measure.
I love this one! It's not only a nice one, but it has a cord so you can hang it around your neck ánd a magnet on the back. My DH attatched a magnet strip (Ikea ofcourse) just the other week above my sewing table, because I always loose stuff while fondling fabric

See? this give away WAS meant for me!!! Thanks again Cathy, I'm doing a happy dance!!

(Everyone should check Cathy's blog btw,www.cabbagequilts.blogspot.com, she made an absolute gorgeous and stunning mozaikquilt!!)

Friday, June 4

I won????

Coming home on friday after an exhausting week, randomly surfing some blogs in my list and all of a sudden there's my name . I won a give-away at www.cabbagequilts.blogspot.com.! (great blog, go check it out!)
I never ever won anything in my life except for an incomplete jigsaw puzzle when I was 11 years old. Really never before and never again.
What did I win? Well that's the most amazing and funny part: I'm in the bagmode, I love black/white, I'm addicted to polkadots and look at my "prize"

This is too much for a coïnsidence. I think I'd better lay down for a while.....

(and thank you so much Cathy!)

Can my weekend get any better? Yes it can! Check this post: http://whatisstarbucking.blogspot.com/
I had a lousy week, but now I'm actually moved by the kindness of Dianne and Lulu :)
And the icing on the cake? My husqvarna dealer called to say that my machine is ready to come home and Quilting DD to tell me that she's coming over tomorrow. Life isn't so bad at ALL!

Wednesday, June 2

Can you handle one more???

I'm not sure if I can! Neither do  know where this sudden bag addiction comes from. but.......there's one more to show. Perhaps i'll better change my blog name into "baglady" It's probably a passing thing and Quiltmaking will call my name again soon. What else must I do during summerholidays? I cannot take my machine with me on the motorbike, so I have to come up with a (hand)sewing project soon! Perhaps sooner than I anticipated: my Husq is at the dealer's for maintenance and I found that the poor guy is in the hospital with kidneystones. (I could continue on C's machine that she left  in MY sewingroom..)
Okay, ready? Here it comes!

And another "valisette". It seems I'm unable to make just ONE                                                                   

(if I label this post "bags", that word will be huge in my wordcloud. I'm thinking of cheating and just label this "quilts". It IS quilting fabric after all..)