Thursday, January 26

A blog post!

The longer you stay away from you blog, the easier it gets. Weeks went by without even opening 'carpe quiltem". I made lots of posts in my head but somehow they never made it to my blog. But now I'm happy to tell the world that i survived the holiday season (hope you are all well too) and that I wás very busy from time to time.
- cleaned out my wardrobe and donated 4 garbage bags full to Goodwill.
-  I knitted 2 cowls and one cabled scarf

-  crocheted 3 pairs of fingerless gloves

-  crocheted 4 amigurumi monsters, 2 ducks, 1 Perry from the Phineas and Ferb cartoons,   1 poo (yes, poop, just because I came across the pattern),1 cupcake and 1 ball. All those for my own amusement. (google for "free amigurumi patterns if you're interested)
- teached C how to crochet her own keychain duck.
- re-painted Biker-Son 's room after he moved out (still busy with that project)

- finished 3 adventure pc games
- getting ready to help moving Baking DD coming weekend to the far south of the country. She's going to study there at the Higher Hotel School.
- sewed zip and handquilted no more than 10". Dustbunnies live in my sewingmachine and quilting supplies

All that's left is dealing with an empty nest syndrome, now all of the offspring is scattered around the country.
Leaves me with one big mystery.......
Why on earth is THIS in my bathroom and more important:
WHOSE are these with only DH and me in the house????

Guess I'm back in blogland. Don't know if it's for long, we'll see how life goes....