Tuesday, December 24

Sewing like

..there's no tomorrow...
Happy Christmas everyone!

I keep forgetting to link the hosts of this qal:( So here it is : http://fabricsandflowers.blogspot.com.au/

Tuesday, December 17

Twinkle twinkle...

 More Midnight progress. I was determined to add stars and the five pointed star didn't make it to the quiltcenter; it looked like a Converse Allstar billboard, so I ripped it of.
After the applique border the pattern said to make churndashes. Unlike other participants in the Quilt Along, I don't like churndashes that much, so.... I cut, sliced, trimmed STARS!


 As you can see,the applique is not yet on in this pic, but I made progress there too!

 So far, the project has been fun to sew although accuracy is down the drain, challenging

 Not one point from the orange peels match. I checked pattern and background measurements and I decided they were not competable! Even in the original pic of the quilt, points mismatched. They look like giant flowers now, and you know what? Fine by me!

 One more applique border left, but I'm saving that. I need a portable project for my next patch-appointment with C... That's why the small innner borders can't be sewn on yet.
 Next border: tiny squares. Quiltmania says to cut a gazillion and sew them together one by one. Uhhhh, NO! There are better, quicker and more accurate ways in my humble opinion.
The QuiltAlong is hosted here. Ofcourse I'll never make the deadline; I "discovered" this project when the group was at border 4 or 5, but it's not a race and it's fun to see hoe others do.  I really really like sewing this!

Tuesday, December 3

Sewingroom OCD

 As today is my day of, I decided to spent some time sewing. First i had to de-clutter; I simply cannot sew a gazillion stars when there's stuff all over the place. I searched for sewingroom ideas the other day and came across these...

,,a dream for many, a nightmare to me. Wááááy too much going on. I would go mad if I had to sew there!
About a year ago I tossed my old and worn wooden cabinets out and replace them with white ones. This was in the midst of the make-over :)

  I DO have too much stuff (or a too small room...)
 Now I sew here. Painted the mini drawers blocks white..

I have a constant struggle between the need to display things and the need to keep it as clutterfree as I possibly can. The fabric on the table is what I'm currently sewing. When i'm done, it has to go again.

It's much better now, but still I would prefer everything behind doors or in drawers and just a very few things out in the open.
I'm thinking about a way to organise my threads. i constantly mix up cones and bobbins. A pegboard? Oh shudder....