Sunday, April 6

Quilts and more....

C, Quilting DD and I went to a quiltfair yesterday. Sunshine, good company, quilts and supplies...what more does one need?
We strolled around, had a coffee and lunch and enjoyed. I did make a few pics; for colour, design, quilting and general inspiration :)

Ofcourse I'm unable to make a fancy layout , so all the pictures are just placed one after the other..


I finally bought new daylight lightbulbs. Look at the difference between regular bulbs and daylight ones. With the new bulbs installed I HAD to clean and de-clutter today. OMG it looked like Eleanor Burns herself had an episode here. Now it's all clean and tidy again or as baking DD would say : "sterile" 
Also bought an older issue of QuiltMania, 'cause I really liked this quilt
 It has the same feel as the Midnight at the Oasis quilt and since I tried "needleturning"applique (and i liked doing it!), this might be a future project.
Another thing I picked up was this pattern
I want some Spring/easter things on the wall in the sewingroom. Think red/black/white/bold prints instead of the "country` look. The pattern is called `spring chicken`, but all i could think of was `RÚÚÚÚN!!!!!`

The sun did her stinking best and with good result. I left the house with buds on my little apple tree and came home finding blossoms :)

Oh, almost forgot! I promissed myself to get some sewing time. I shamelessly nicked an idea from pinterest and made my own.
Don't know the original designer, but I'll look into that. Meanwhile, I'm happily handquilting my birdhouses...