Tuesday, March 31

Another job done!

I like making small quilts and usually there are 3 on the wall in my sewingroom.
The "designs" change according to seasons although the christmasquilts lasted 'till june last year :)
I pulled out "spring" the other day and once again I was annoyed by the way everything was stored
All rolled up together in an old bedsheet I pinned together.
Time to re-arrange and tackle another chore.
In no time I had something looking like this:
Flipped picture, but you'll get the idea. A bag per season/theme and on the back of the label I wrote down what quilts are inside. I even made a bag for all the rods I use.
I basicly sewed tubes and tight the ends with a hair elastic. I do need to buy new elastics to tie my hair, since I used all I had.

This little project was an excellent occasion to try a big threadcone. My Husq can be very picky about thread, so before ordering a very expensive big Precensia cone, Í'd better testdrive.

Sven, the Husq didn't even know it was there and didn't skip a stitch. Yeey!
Fabric: ONE euro p/mtr, cheap test drive thread cone 1.80. Yeey again!
Points for organising my stuff: 10.
Note to self: should/could have done this ages ago.

Saturday, March 28

Small stuff....

 After months of quilting non stop on the weddingquilt, I was done fiddling with fabric and thread. But now I needed to sew something again. Nothing big, no thank you very much, but some small things like a sewingmachine mat e.g.!
 One with a long pincushion, attatched with velcro. When you sort out your mess, you find things you forgot about, like stamps...
I put some no-slip stuff underneath in "yuk" green. I found my supply of red when all was done :(
I made it for the Husq....(and sewed a mouse pincushion too, while i was at it. Pattern is from www.figtreequilts.com)

 but the Featherweight fits too

More stamping.....and one has never enough pincushions

 The birdie can be found at rileyblake.com. I think I feel the need to make more of these. Fun to sew, easy and very cute!
Last but not least: it's Biker Son's birthday today!!!Looking sharp at his big sis' wedding

Tuesday, March 10

The couple, the wedding and the quilt

I know, I really neglected my blog, but I had other, more important, things to do!
Quilting DD got married last friday!!
She's my oldest and the first child getting married.
Little did i know how emotional such a day is
 especially when the groom tells his bride how much he loves her. Thanks for waterproof mascara!! Here we all are: me, DH, Biker son and Baking DD...hanky's nearby :)
(pictures by www.bruiloftsgasten.nl)
Quilting DD made lots of comments/jokes that I should make a double weddingring quilt, even before travelling to NY where SoninLaw proposed. I kept saying: no way.
When she was in NY she texted that she bought a batting. I thought it was for a quilt she was working on and told her the batting was too small. She replied: "oh no Mum, I already got a batting for that one, it will be 2.50x2.50 mtr. It has to be, otherwise it won't be big enough for our bed ".
When we layered her quilt a few weeks later, it turned out to be 2.00x2.00 and we kept teasing her with her "big"quilt....

Ofcourse I made her a quilt.... and ofcourse i had to make mine 2.50x2.50 mtr!!
Machine sewn and handquilted, all Kona cottons

I sewed and quilted every day, with an occasional break while waiting for fabric to arrive from the Fabric Shack.
Every day from 3 to 5 I quilted, and from 7 to 11 every evening.
I wore three iron ring thimbles out. I managed to put holes in them. When I bought new ones, the quiltshop owner asked if I perhaps was quilting night and day (jokingly)?? I could only tell her :uhh, yes..

 But I finished in time!
 It took some effort to fold it small enough for the wirebasket

 DD was very surprised and happy with my gift. She didn't expect a big quilt at all because "it's just not possible to do in just a few months"
It can, just keep calm and quilt like mad..
After I finished, I haven't touched a needle. Done with quilting.
I cleaned my sewingroom yesterday. Perhaps I'm ready to enter the quilter's world again in a few weeks.

for this "happily ever after quilt" I used the metro-ring pattern and ruler. I will show and review this in a later post!