Monday, February 22

On track and way behind

Last week I made my granddaughter a quilt. I hadn't done so because DD wanted to use a blanket instead of a quilt. But it felt odd! After all; this gran is about quilts:) Plusses because grandbaby IS a big plus and when you tilt your head a little, they become xxxxx: kisses!!
So big kisses from "oma" as grannny's are called in Dutch.
The back is a lovely fabric from Inkalily, I picked the cycling animals...
Since one can only sew one thing at the time, I'm waaaaaaay behind with the 365 challenge project.
Hopefully I find time to catch up soon.
On the bright side: I'm right on track with the Farmer's Wife!
"only" 16 more blocks to go before the painstaking process of putting it all together can begin.
I have a new addition in my sewingroom....a sleepover bed for cutypie.
 She came to visit oma with her parents last sunday and will come again next saturday.
The flannel cloth with the blue trim is 70 years old and handmade by my mum, when she was pregnant with her first. Still soft so her great grandchild can safely rest her head:)
Will MY great grandchild sleep under one of my quilts in 70 years time? I'd like to think so!
I cleaned my sewingtable to make room for a changingmat. When the little one was freed from her diaper however, she did what she had to do with such enthousiasm, that she almost hit the FW on the designwall ...LOL! But when your bum is as cute as hers, oma doesn't mind at all!!

Tuesday, February 2


There's this thing going round called the 365 challenge. With my eyes closed, I jumped in. After all: what's an extra UFO or 2 (4, 6....)
Yesterday's block was called "frame" and there were hst's involved. Small ones...1" ones.
I picked not very contrasting fabrics to disguise any mismatched points.
And now, by miracle, my points match. I have no place to show off but here.
I hated this block and I'm glad it's done.
After this block, this quilt, a Nearly Insane quilt will be like a walk in the park on a sunny day.
"I love sewing 1" hst's" said no quilter ever.
On the challenge facebook page people claim they have "sooooo much fun" when making this block.
Fuck off, get a life