Wednesday, November 2

Catching up...

October was obviously a busy month! Shopping days with BakingDD and with CutyPie, BakingDD' s birthday, an "oma-day-care-and -cuddle day time for blogging.
Luckily there was  hobby time.
I finished knitting BakingDD 's long winterscarf
Added her OWN special label, since she's so fond of the UK. It took me all day to figure out how to make the label in Word. I used some iron on stuff and needed a mirror image. Little did I know I could simply set my printer on " mirror-image"...*sigh* and learn!
I also started to crochet a nativity set, suitable for tiny fingers to play with.
Still need a manger, camel, some sheep and an angel. I'm thinking about a stable..
I found the (free) pattern here: It s in spanish, but after an email I got the english version.
The animal pattern was bought at  

I saved the best "catching up news" for last: late March there will be another grandchild, if all goes well.CutyPie  will be a big sister!!! This gran will have to make another playquilt😀 and playquilts last for years; BakingDD pulled out the one I sewed when I was pregnant with my first ( the very first I ever made, before even knowing it was a quilt), to play with  CutyPie who's growing up fĂĄst!