Friday, September 3

The week after..

First of all: thanks, on behalf of DH,  for all the supporting comments on the burned bike.
The leftover of what once was is in my backyard now, and DH is getting every small thing off that is still usuable on another bike. He's on the hunt for a "new" bike (he wants a similar one which is an 1986 model) and rides mine to work for now.

I had quite a busy week: spent a nice days with my DD's shopping and eating out afterwards (+coffee and lunch) and went to a quilting friend who gives all kinds of quiltworkshops with C. C and I signed up for a class "learning to sew curves by machine". Two lessons with tips and tricks how to do that accuratly.
Afterwards we had coffee, enjoyed the sunshine and commented on every one who passed us by (more an episode of "what NOT to wear").

Speaking off curves..
I finished my apron and added FIVE inches to the bodice. I mailed the author, asking if perhaps I made a mistake, but never heard back from her which is bad (I think) But perhaps I judge too quick and for all I know she's on holiday (?)

Note my new model! She's more willing to pose and more patient than Baking DD. She has lesser curves than me, but I think of her as my better half. She does, however, scares me everytime I walk in my sewingroom. Everytime I think there's actually someone standing in the corner! Have to get use to her I guess.

I also bought another pattern.

I want to make the middle one for Quilting DD another one for myself. The pattern says:" .....especially flattering on those with a little something to fill out the top". Now I have a bit more than "a LITTLE something" but by the look off the pattern and the description, I think this pattern is a better buy.

Another book came through the mailbox.

Beautifull and simple designs with solids. I already enjoyed just reading.

Coming week is "back to normal" week. Work starts again monday (blah!) and I spent half a day cleaning my workkitchen, ordering supplies etc. Not looking forward to it, but all good things must end and summerholidays are finally over. Besides: I have to earn money again...C is flying to Florida sunday for her welldeserved holiday and I gave her a list of supplies I "need". She'll raid JoAnns with a 50% off coupon but i DO have to pay the other 50% *lol*