Monday, January 24, 2022

January blues

 As long as I remember, I hated januari. The grey cold days, spring still far away and the anual winter depression sticks out it`s ugly head. I know in my head how to cope, but my heart isn`t in it.

I try to go on daily walks, but the grey foggy skies do not lift the spirit..
Luckily there`s always quilting! On those January days I 1m so happy to have a hobby!!

This wonderful and cheerful Andover fabric arrived, that i wanted to use as a backing for the Great Granny Square quilt. A thousand rainbow hearts, what`s not to love?
So, with a little help from DH I layered and pinned..
Let the quilting begin!

Sunday, December 19, 2021

The great Granny Square project part 2 and unfortunately Covid 19 again

 As of today, the country, once again, is in total lockdown. Omikron scares the shit out of everyone ( no, I will not *bleep* that) and in an effort to withstand that tsunami that`s apparantly coming, everything is closed. Well, “essentials” like supermarkets, drugstores and such, remain open. Bookstores and quiltstores are, ofcourse, non-essential. 

To make this worse for me personal: I am vaccinated twice with AstraZeneca. The experts state, and I quote:” AstraZeneca provides no protection against Omikron whatsoever” Shit again then!!

Ofcourse I immediately booked a booster appointment: first opportunity is the 7th of januari. Did I already say “shit” ?(I actually said something worse)

But it is what it is. The grandLadies will come to stay the coming week, as the parents have to work and schools are closed too. For various reasons, there will be no danger of them infecting us with Covid.. At least the ladies will bring laughter, distraction (and chaos LOL).

And now the Great Granny project!

Quilttop nr 1 is done. Yeey! No fabric shop roadtripping, so no backing yet. Therefor I started Quilttop 2, for the eldest one who has pink as her fav colour, instead of the purple in top 1. Thing is that I really hate pink. I have a scrap and one fq and that s it.

It`ll be enough I think :).

Weapon of choice for this one is the 1956 Featherweight. (  Yes, I am the proud owner of two feathers.)
An excellent, outstanding year 1956!! Ask me how I know….haha. Problem was that it rattled like an old truck, although fully serviced, oiled etc. After half an hour of troubleshooting with zero effect,I decided to put a new needle in and that did the trick. Pffff.
Now I have one day left to sew in my room. The Ladies will confiscate it, as soon as they walk in…and I don`t mind at all…..

Saturday, December 11, 2021

The great Granny Square project part 1

 I`m a proud oma to 3 lovely grandgirls. In our family they are commonly referred to as `the Ladies`, so I will stick to that name. I made the oldest one a babyquilt and that was all. Shame on me, and I feel that.

So, let`s change that and make the Ladies each a quilt! I decided it should be a GrannySquare (duh) and to make things easy, I will make 3 of those. Since I handquilt, it will surely be a `great`  project that will take me some time to accomplish.

This is my weapon of choice: the 1950 jubilee Featherweight. What a joy to sew on that machine again. It has been a while..

When I `design` a new quilt, I never measure beforehand. I`ll go where the blocks take me.None of the quilts I made have the same dimensions.

I made the Granny block with 3” squares. This is what I have so far!

It turnes out, it`ll be around 68”x 78” . The border square~in~a~squares are very time consuming! Sewing those is more of a chore, but with at least an hour every day, coffee at hand and Coldplay on Spotify, it is doable.
The one will be for the middle Lady. Her fav colour at the moment is purple, so she`s getting some purple blocks. I had approx. 4 purple fq`s LOL.

Off to sew another batch of border squares!

Sunday, December 05, 2021

Sewingroom thoughts

 I am lucky to have my own sewingspace. Even better, it`s a corner of my livingroom, separated by a sliding door. DH attached flanel covered boards on that door: my designwall.

It`s not big: about 3x2 metres, but it`s all mine. One exception: when the grandgirls come for sleepovers, it`s theirs. I clean the table and in no time everything is covered in colour pencils, drawing stuff, lego etc.

I`m always looking for ideas to make it better, better ways to place the furniture, storing solutions, that sort of things. Pinterest, instagram, blogs; I search them for ideas. Over time, a few things stood out…

Rugs…. Why?? The threads that will bury themselves there. I already have to get on hands and knees to vacuum them out the doormat!

Decor…. I see rooms covered in an abundance of decorations, bunting, haberdashery..stuff everywhere. Ah the dust it gathers ( I`m allergic and would sneeze constantly) Besides, it would distract me big time. In an ideal sewingroom, for me that is, it would be almost empty, minimalistic. I constantly struggle between `the need to display` and almost empty shelves.

Another item I often see: Singer Featherweights put on the highest shelves for decor purpose only. The machine is ,again, accumulating dust and that`s not a good thing imho. Besides: it`s so nice to actually use them and sew with your Feather..

This is my view across my table. Too busy, but no room e.g. to put the quilts elsewhere….

Fabric storage…..why oh why do so many people store their fabrics on open shelves? So you can see what you have?? Mine are in drawers. No dust, no discolouration and when I open them I can easily see what I have.

Other things that I see are: sitting with your back to the door ( makes me uncomfortable). Big cutting tables, small sewingtables. ( here the other way around, C can come over and sit across me:)

On the table now my iPad and notebook (writing down the measurements of the new project), a small ironingboard that`s big enough for blocks (belonged to my mum, must be at least 50 years old) with my normal iron and an antique one that I use as a clapper.

Last but not least the messy sewingrooms with godknowswhat scattered all over the floor, tables etc etc. Don`t get it, I would close the door and never come back. 

Ofcourse there are plenty of quilters with beautifully organised rooms too. With built in cupboards, nifty storing solutions, room for a computer desk….ah one can dream is it not?

Oh, about my previous post:  Meanwhile I found some quiltshops that are not too far away with fabrics that appeal to me. C and I will plan a roadtrip soon!

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Shopping online frustrations..

 We`re entering the 4th Covid wave, so I don`t like to go on a hunt for new fabric in the stores. Since I`m retired I have a choice to go out or stay in and I have the tendency to choose the latter. Besides, there are no fabric stores in my vicinity: nearest one is about an hour drive ( and an hour back!)

Therefor, I wanted to know beforehand, if  a particular store has the fabric I like and want. Lately Tula Pink is hot here and the more classic `tea-dyed` stuff as C and I call it. I want neither.

You would think Google is the solution here: check a shop`s website and drive there if it is to your liking, or order online if it is a too long drive. Well…that`s when things do NOT work out.

At least 2 shops I had my eye on, had no webshops. On their blogs one sometimes shows a few fabricbundles you can order by email and leaves it there. The other (and only one in my vicinity) mentions that you `can always call or email me if you want to order something`. Point is, that I don`t know what kind of fabrics they sell. On their blog they show e.g. the christmasdecorations or a customer `s quilt. Should I email to ask about the stock?? Nah..
There are seldom shops big enough to carry all sorts of fabric; they mostly specialise and like I said, ` tea` is popular..
And last but not least there are those websites that only show a tiny tiny bit of their stuff ( `we have a lots more in store!`) and those whose website is so unclear and messy, I don`t even want to start browsing.
Luckily I finally found what I needed/wanted. Some shopowners have a great website as well as a webshop. Fabrics ordered and in my letterbox 2 days later.
If another Covid lockdown is due: I am prepared!!

Friday, November 19, 2021


 The reason the blog stayed silent was the lack of proper blog devices. Laptop is old with Windows 7, iPad  didn`t post pictures anymore (outdated too) and blogging on DH`s iPad wasn`t working out for me either.

Since the first of september I retired and from my last pay check I bought a brand new IPad mini 6! Yeey! (I loved my old mini since it fits in every bag.) A few weeks later a mini keyboard plus cover was available. On my Sinterklaas list is a simple bluetooth mouse and then I`m all good. 

Meanwhile, I finished the Gossip top. I`ll buy a backing at the end-of-the-year clearance at the nearest quilt shop.

Except for the applique blocks, the Gossip was mainly sewn by machine, so I needed a project on the go.I can`t simply watch tv with idle hands. C gave me a stamp for my birthday last February so it was time to put it to use. Stamping stars it was. I randomly cut scraps and when I finish a star, I literally slam it on my wall. Sorting and colorplacement will come later!

We`ll see where this project goes!

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

After the hype….

 In the quilting world there are certainly hypes. Suddenly a quilt or designer is the one and everyone jumps in. Dear Jane, all from Susan Smith, Jen Kingwell, fabrics from Tula Pink…to name a few.

The Dear Jane hype was not for me, others I liked but didn’t buy the pattern ór got the pattern waaaaaay later and didn’t come to actually make it, due to other, more pressing matters, patterns, events etc.

The It takes 2 quilt is a 2015 pattern, just saying..( might even be older..)

While I was waiting for more red Kona cotton Poppy to finish the border of the Takes2, I cleared out the quiltroom and came across another fav from the past: Gossip in the Garden from Anni Downs.

And years after the “hype”, I jumped in.

Most difficult part is choosing the fabrics. I put the finished blocks on the wall and sometimes I pulled them of and made a new one with different colours/fabrics. More than once,I must add. I also changed the original design. Ditched the hexies e.g. and one of the dresden plates ( too many imho).. 

This is the last picture I took, working on the middle block as we speak.

Note the drawing on the right, made by my granddaughter:

That’s me on the left, picking her up from school. The most beautiful piece of art on my designwall if you ask me🥰

Saturday, July 31, 2021


 No, I did not fall off the wagon again, blogwise. My blog devices are a bit out of date and blogging was just not do-able anymore. Pics were messed up or did not appear at all; that sort of thing.

I confiscated my DH’s iPad, which is a tiny bit better up to date than mine, so let’s try again!

So….Superheroes!! Years ago, I made one for the first grandgirl, and never got to making one for grandgirl 2. That became painfully clear when I put them to bed the other day, and oldest had her Supergirl “ standing guard” in her bed and her sister had pulled out a rag doll, for she” did not have a Superhero” Oef! I felt that!! So I went to work after getting her wishes: purple hair and pink clothing ( remember how I hate pink?? Luckily neighbourfriend C came to the rescue with a pile of pink)

I one made the youngest one too. Her big sisters chose the hairstyle….

Just dolls, Superheroes or Princesses? They can be all three..
I combined several patterns from the Happy Quilts book: mermaid and princess hair, hero body etc. 
Great fun book btw!!

Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Just takes 2 quilt

That red and white growing on my wall, does deserve a bit more introduction!

It is a tribute quilt to the red and white, an infinite variety exhibition  The 2 designers from Sentimental Stitches picked 100 blocks from those quilts and put them together and presented them as a free BOM. I first saw it on insta at the beginning of the first lockdown and it was on sale !yeeey!

Lockdown 2 last december brought me the time to make the rest of the blocks!

Piecing it together took some effort but…..tadaaa! So far so good!

When I started, I used Kona cotton white and poppy. Unfortunately I ran out of the poppy shade when I got to the borders and to add to the frustration: due to Covid it was out of stock éverywhere. I ordered from a US store that had it on back order, so I had to wait. And wait…☹️

This screenshot shows the finished quilt with the borders. This is my goal!

Soooooo, what to do while waiting….(drumming fingers) : getting rid of all those pesky red and white threads all around the house, getting my sewing space back in its “ howitshouldlook” state and …oooo look ! I forgot I had this pattern! Let’s sew, uhh see 

Sunday, May 23, 2021

It only takes two

Remember this picture of something red and white growing on my wall?? 

It’ s an old BOM from Sentimental Stitches called
 “ it takes 2”
I made a few blocks to see if I could do it and if I would like it. Who was I kidding??

It grew like a mold:)
By day I sewed blocks by machine and in the evening the more difficult ones by hand. There was a lot of appliqué involved, not my expertise. So since there was a lot of time to kill during lockdown 1, I watched how to's on YouTube endlessly 

The pics aren’t great; I didn’t take them with a blogpost in mind.. 
The sewing frenzy came to a halt when school (and thus work) re opened again after the summer holidays…

I also became a grandmother, or “ oma” in Dutch for the third time! Late July we welcomed a third granddaughter! Quilting DD now has 3 little ladies.
The 2 older sisters came to stay for sleep-overs several times while schools and daycares were closed (parents working from home) and I love having them. Never knew that being an oma could be so wonderful!