Saturday, August 28


No blogposttitle this time; simply couldn't come up with one.
You know it's NOT going to be a great weekend when the phone rings at 7.50 in the morning and the caller says: goodmorning, this is the police...
Luckily all the kids were home and safe so my first thought was: motorbike!
Sadly enough I was right: DH's bike was stolen and the police found it a nearby town, completely burned.

Dh was rather calm untill he came back from the policestation and saw his dearly beloved Honda. He was devastated to say the least. All the hours he put in this bike...It's not the money, it's the labour and the love for the machine. Just like a finished quilt: you don't think about the price of the fabrics, but how you loved to sew the pattern, the joy (and pain!) of choosing fabrics etc..You know, the whole process that makes that your heart is in that quilt.

Burning that bike is só meaningless. We´d rather had that they took it and drove to Paris for all we care..
DH´s bike on the right in happier times..                                                                                                      

Friday, August 27


So happy that the David's well shaped behind brightened up the day for some. Glad to be of help :)
From David's parts to my curves seems like a big step, but bodyparts are bodyparts after all.
I started with the new apron pattern and hit a BIG obstacle.
You start with a 9"tall piece of fabric for the bodice and after loosing 2"for seamallowances etc. you are left with a piece of 7"inches tall. This piece, the final bodice, is supposed to go from the top of your boobs to your waist. Did you get the SEVEN inches??
I don't know about you, but I'm not Pamela Anderson or Dolly Parton but need a bit more than 7" to cover that part of my body. To be totally honest, I need at least 11" to reach my waist (or the part where I think my waist is).
I mailed the author to ask if I did anything wrong but got no answer yet. She states that women have curves. Couldn't agree more, but curves need a bit more room than 7"!

So I looked like a teacozy in my apron instead of a domestic diva. What else can I do than rip it all apart and cut a new longer bodice *sigh*

(btw: i'm having so much fun thinking that every female reader of this post, takes the tapemeasure in their hands to see how much space they need. I know I would *LOL*)

Thursday, August 26

From head to bottom..

Let's start with the head first and work our way down.
This is my new device. (omg)
It's called a "Tinnitus breaker" and it produces a soft static noise. I'm supposed to wear it when the Beep starts to bother me again as a sort of contra sound. It could "neutralize" the Beep and the static noise is at least more pleasant to listen to than bééééééééép. I can try it for 3 months before I have to decide to keep it (or not). Luckily the holiday did me so good that the Beep is very, very calm. There are days that I almost don't hear it at all. apron to be! I want to make myself a new apron. In fact, I want 2: one at home and one for work. I ordered this pattern..                                                                                                                                 
It is, however, a little tiny bit dissapointing. It has no pattern pieces (as I expected) for the bodice. But with the directions I think I cut it okay. The pattern also uses a single layer of fabric for the skirt and I'm definately going to make that a double layer, so it's lined.  Perhaps I'll even add a  ruffle!                                                                                    

Next topic is my progress on the Propeller quilt . One more row of blocks (allready cut them) and add some missing sashings. I handpieced this one, but I'll probably machinepiece a striped border.                                                                                            

The little circles are appliqued according to Crispy. She has tutorials on handpiecing and applique. Well. it's more like a manual and it's great. If you are a handpiecer or want to know how: this is the place to go..

I saved the best piece for last: another holidaypic
This ,my friends, is the best butt ever and it is ART! I also have a front pic, but I'll keep that one off my blog,
It's Michael Angelo's David, at least part of it. I saw the original statue in Florence and, no jokes here, it is really beautifull and more impressive than the copy that's outside on the square ( the pic is from the copy)

Okay, now let's attack that apron pattern!

Tuesday, August 17

Rainy days..

It looks like autumn outside: grey skies and constant rain. The house is, well let's call it clean, the laundry done, the garden a mess (but I'm NOT going to do anything about that in the rain!) and tonight's dinner is planned. I set myself behind the pc to print a few holidaypics in order to frame them, but...the printer's cartridge is empty. Grrrr!
Instead I have no other choise to show some more on my blog...hehe

DH had to work again last monday. When he came home I asked him how his first day back was and he answered: oh great, I'm going back tomorrow. *lol*
In 2 weeks it's my turn again and I'm not looking forward to it!

Monday, August 16

Far away and back...

We traveled long and far and traveling days were mostly WET.

The roads were narrow and winding
The laundryline was attatched to an olivetree

..and the nearest city is the home of the most beautifull works of art..
Í'm bááááck!