Wednesday, March 23


Graag wil ik reageren op n commentaar en graag wil ik iemand blij maken met n bunny, maar........iedereen staat op no-reply dus ik kan niet reageren! Dames check jullie settings aub...

Monday, March 21

Who doesn't want a HAPPY BUNNY ??

Since I'm a grandma, I 've been searching the internet from time to time on the hunt for funny/cute/nice etc things to sew for babies.
Last week, through Pinterest, I came across theredbootquiltcompany. Well with such a name, you have me interested!
I found the most lovely quilts and dolls patterns at absolute reasonable prices, even down right cheap in my opinion..Ofcourse I bought a ragdoll pattern
and the minute the PDF arrived in my mailbox I already had my fabrics selected:)
I knotted the hair a bit closer to het head so it really stays upright. I printed the pattern at 80% 'cause CutyPie is still a small baby!

I had such fun making her! I love the hair, so much better than the usual woolen hair on most ragdolls. That never turns out the way I want it to look.

Then I found this pattern.....BUNNIES!!

My printer was still set on the 80% so my first one looks like this. He has a rattlebox in his tummy.
Then his brother was made
 One babyproof butt and one with a pompom
 And here they are, happily waiting for a playmate

Since i liked making these so much, I browsed the redboot pages a bit more and learned that she has a book coming
I'm not a big fan of quilts with pics for children but the combo with matching plushies is a great idea!
Besides, you can pimp a bag or duvetcover with just one dog/bear/panda/superhero etc etc. Make a wallhanging, a pillow, heck, the possibilities are endless.
Needless to say that i pre-ordered the book on (lower price than Amazon and free delivery; that's a win-win, but  on Amazon you can preview some pages..just saying..)

So what do you think: wanna make a bunny for Easter? They're easy and quick to sew, so you can make a bunch of them and still have time to paint the eggs.
What you need to do to get FREE COPY OF THE BUNNY PATTERN is simply comment below. I have 2 copies to give away and will do so tomorrow when I get back from work..(if anyone commented that is, hahaha)

Sunday, March 13

Sewing up a storm...

There was smoke coming out of Sven when the sewing bug hit me at high speed last week.
I started with the 365 challenge project and made good progress, although I'm going to re-sew some. The technique  hidden squares and I were not competable. But with 4 blocks and the centerpart behind, I can safely say that I will get there (cough)
 After struggling with pesky little pieces I took some Pinterest time and found big bold letters! Ah, how nice to cut something beyond 1"!!
I first found a "C" and used up the only Fasset fabric I had left. Everytime I made something for C it has been this fabric, so now I need to get me a new Fasset fq:)
Then I got on a hunt for an "A" and made another mini

Backings that match personalities too....

Later on I decided that cuty pie granddaughter was in need of a grabbal. She loves contrasting colours so that's right up my alley
Finishing touch: a handmade label
 I brought it over myself since I had an extra day off aka cuddle time with oma again!
Last but not least: only a few more blocks to do and all of the 111 Farmer's wife blocks are on my wall. I need to draw/design 2 blocks myself since the author repeated herself twice and i want them ALL to be unique

Next on the list is some de-cluttering in my sewingroom......bleeeh....