Wednesday, June 12

At last..

It took ages but finally there's something worthy to blog about. I finished a quilt. Whoohoo!!
What took me so long? Well, I've  been reading a TON of books, spent some saturdays at quilting DD''s new house (painting and helping with the big moving in) and i also was heavily involved on the annual ''war on weeds'' in my garden.
Falling down the stairs didn''t help either: I got black and blue and could hardly sit, let alone quilt.
But all that''s past and last saturday i put the last of the quilting stitches in
Yesterday the binding was on....

 I even attached a label, so I can really say that ''Patches 'n Pinwheels' is done!

Too bad it''s cloudy today and you can hardly see any quilting, but I know there''s a lot of stitches there:)