Sunday, October 26


I had a week off; autumn-break. I planned a quiet week but that's not really how it went. A day with Baking DD, celebrating her birthday (24, yeey!), a day with C and Quilting DD at the European Quilt Championship, followed by a day in Amsterdam visiting  the Rijksmuseum.
But first the quilty stuff!
Pictures!!! Just random quilts that caught my eye, no names of quilters ....

 ,,inspired by Freddy Moran; no wonder it appealed to me :)
 The theme was "Dutch Masters" Do you recognize van Gogh???

 On the bucketlist: handquilt a whole cloth

 Dutch chintz fabric..

 Delft blue..
 Another "I want to make"
 And a GIANT project from the Belgian Guild: make a quilt 20x20 and we will add it. (in short)

 The best of show. The dark clock was transparant. Beautifully made but...I don't get the award, sorry..

 DD, C and I have been visiting every year for as long as I remember. This will be our last visit. The show moves to Maastricht, the most southern corner of the Netherlands.
To be honest; not worth the drive. We missed several booths, and overall we don't get inspired anymore. Are we spoiled with millions of quilts we can see online? Could be, but it's more than that.
We miss demo's of that one new technique with perhaps that one new ruler. We miss notions! Ah, the Craft connection booth in Birmingham with just tools, tools and tools.
We want specialized booths with new things e.g show us that one ruler, tell us why that particular needle is the best, how does that sewing technique works etc. Hard to explain what Birmingham has that, what we miss here.

Perhaps it is what we see around us: quilters are not interested in the how and why, but want ready-to-sew.( and follow every hype that goes around) Questions on messageboards that amaze me like:" who can present me a snowball-block pattern". " have a 10" ohio star, but I need a 15", who has that pattern?"Are you kiddin' me?? Can no-one DRAW a pattern anymore or, for that matter,  see the block pattern in a quilt?
Ah well, maybe I'm just too old school....