Saturday, January 23

Happy birthday!!

Born this afternoon: a beautifull granddaughter!!!!!

Monday, January 18

let's waste some time

Yesterday. winter finally came with temperatures below 0. With no better things to do, I decided to put my Farmer's Wife blocks in the 'correct" order on the wall. That is: like they are placed in the book. I was sure the author must have had a certain brilliant master plan, placing the blocks as she did. Perhaps dividing big and small patterns evenly e.g.??
 First thing I noticed was that I was NOT as far as I thought I was. Putting the blocks close together like in pic 2 gave me the idea I had " much more quilt" ! Look at all those gaps!
Furthermore it turned out that with the "right"placement, I had clusters of houndstooth....
 blobs of blue and green
 and too much of the same background fabric in one place
 After thinking it over, I came to the conclusion that the author had no plan AT ALL. She just pieced blocks and distributed the colours she used, evenly across her designwall (or so...) like I'm going to do now. Spread out the houndstooth. divide all the reds evenly and avoid green blobs.
All in all it took me hours to mark the blocks with their "correct number", placing them where they "should" be and waiting for an epiphany to see the Plan.
Pffff I could have sewn a block or two!

Then i decided to get Sven the Husqvarna started to try some machine quilting. I've signed up for a lesson or 2  in machinequilting and had some homework to do. I picked up the machine manual to read about the settings and to my surprise it said in capitals: WEAR SAFETYGOGGLES (?????)
Can you see it? Sewing in full protective gear? I did!
Safety first *LOL*!

And since it was getting really cold outside, I then dug another pincushion out of the cupboard. Yep: winter! The cup decor is really Dutch and freely translated it's something like "farmer's bright".
Okay, let's do block 65 of the FW quilt!
How was your sunday??

Sunday, January 10


Yeey! I made it into 2016:).... I have been a bit under the weather, hence the silent blog. My heart skipped a beat and then raced to make up for that. When you call your doctor and say you have 'pain in the chest area" everyone kind of panicks. Tests were done, pills subscribed and that was that. All done and it seems my heartbeat is a bit faster than what's considered "normal".

Since i had to keep a low profile for a while, I had some time to think. About blogging eg. Stop, keep going, write in Dutch?? Facebook seems to be the new blogging and instagram the new facebook these days. I like neither. So I've decided to keep on blogging every once in a while and perhaps switch to Dutch but for now; same old, same old.

I sewed too. Not much (i slept mostly..) but the Farmer's Wife is growing slowly but surely
 This isn't the final layout. I just smacked all the blocks onto the wall just to see what I got so far.
I also have a new friend: meet Epson, the printer. The old one was way past his time!
It's on my fabric cabinet. Do i want it there? Nope. Does it need to be there? Yep! I'm done with going upstairs to put it on and then again to get the print.
The Epson has 'airprint', to print directly from my Ipad and since I took over Quilting DD s iphone 5, I'm all up to date and into 2016 :)

Speaking of DD: grandchild 1 is expected in a week or so. The Iphone is fully charged and in the vicinity all the time now. You'll never know when that phonecall is coming!!