Tuesday, March 29

Happy,happy joy joy :)

No more excuses; this post is looong overdue...First it was the flu, then the software failed (had no acces to gmail/google, couldn't even comment on other blogs!) but now all that is over, the sun's out and I'm quilting..

I finished handsewing my dotty,spotty propellor quilt and since this week I'm busy handquilting it. The pattern and gazillion spots do make me happy and most people (familymembers) think it's a happy and joyfull quilt.

Ofcourse I picked dots for the back too and ofcourse blogger flips the picture!

I told myself to limit the amount of quilting. This baby is bigger than my other quilts and I always quilt rather dense. Ofcourse that thought didn't help and this one too will have every inch quilted. It'll take me a while to finish, but when i'm bored I can always start sewing the next top :)
When finished it'll be the 10th bedquilt I made. Yep, only ten! I'm a slow poke handquilter!