Tuesday, March 29

Happy,happy joy joy :)

No more excuses; this post is looong overdue...First it was the flu, then the software failed (had no acces to gmail/google, couldn't even comment on other blogs!) but now all that is over, the sun's out and I'm quilting..

I finished handsewing my dotty,spotty propellor quilt and since this week I'm busy handquilting it. The pattern and gazillion spots do make me happy and most people (familymembers) think it's a happy and joyfull quilt.

Ofcourse I picked dots for the back too and ofcourse blogger flips the picture!

I told myself to limit the amount of quilting. This baby is bigger than my other quilts and I always quilt rather dense. Ofcourse that thought didn't help and this one too will have every inch quilted. It'll take me a while to finish, but when i'm bored I can always start sewing the next top :)
When finished it'll be the 10th bedquilt I made. Yep, only ten! I'm a slow poke handquilter!


  1. Thanks a beautiful and bright and cheerful quilt. When I first saw it, I could only say 'WOW'. Nice job. Thanks for sharing.

  2. i'm not sure that i've ever seen such a HAPPY quilt! very, very AWESOME!!!

  3. Oh Annemiek! You are one crazy talented lady! I love this quilt and the joy that it exudes! Enjoy quilting it...wish I could take some hand quilting lessons from you.

  4. This is beautiful! Well worth the wait!

  5. Wow! That is a really fun quilt! And you hand quilting it! I bet you are already working on another one.

  6. This is most definitely a happy quilt!! I LOVE it!! You sound like me, it's very very hard to quilt just a little, those empty spaces just call to be filled :0)


  7. Hé wat fijn dat je er weer bent. Als je die quilt ziet dan wordt je vanzelf blij

  8. Hoi Annemiek,
    Bedankt voor je leuke commentaar! Ik heb het pas net ontdekt dat spoonflower en vind het echt leuk merk ik ;-) De samples zijn besteld maar ze lopen een beetje achter daar dus zit al een tijdje te wachten.
    Als je graag een stof in een andere kleur zou willen bestellen kan ik die uploaden hoor, ik ben zelf ook meer een rood meisje maar vond de meisjes motor stof in roze wel cool, in combinatie met een leren rok of zo, hihi.
    Heel veel succes met die mooi quilten in ieder geval, ze zijn echt prachtig!
    groetjes Nancy

  9. Awesome Annemiek!!! Love it!! You are making good progress on it... coming from one slow poke to another! lol! 8-)