Tuesday, September 10

Summer's over..

I had planned to post more Birmingham pics, but after the holidays, life quickly passed that by.
Meanwhile, like I already said in the previous post, the house got empty when Baking DD moved out to do a 6 month internship at a posh hotel in Oxford, UK.
It's an old prison built somewhere between 1000 and 1100 (if I recall correctly) and according to DD it's amazing.
We app, we Skype, we call, but I truly miss her, since she was home most of the summerholidays.
But most important thing is, that she's doing fine!

Haven't quilted or sewn in weeks, I thought it time to start doing something. I had the intention of finishing those wallhangings that are laying around, made to try a technique/pattern or just because I felt like making it.
  One more is done, scrappy/dotty circles, inspired by Freddy Moran is quilted, bound and is even allready on my quiltroom wall as a last bright leftover from summer

 One more down, a few left to go...

Since today was my day off, I had time to do some (delayed) chores, like vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen, dust, and more nasty stuff. It's pouring outside and temps dropped consideratly; a sure sign the long summer is really over and autumn is at the doorstep.
Time to put up some autumn decor!

Lighting a cinnamon scented candle, enjoying what's left of the day....


  1. Ha, een beetje last van lege nest syndroom. Wat loopt je dochter in een spannend hotel stage. De cirkelquilt is hartstikke mooi geworden. Lijken op het eerste gezicht net Dresden plates door het vernuftige quiltwerk.

  2. Love that quilt!! So you with all the dots.