Monday, March 21

Who doesn't want a HAPPY BUNNY ??

Since I'm a grandma, I 've been searching the internet from time to time on the hunt for funny/cute/nice etc things to sew for babies.
Last week, through Pinterest, I came across theredbootquiltcompany. Well with such a name, you have me interested!
I found the most lovely quilts and dolls patterns at absolute reasonable prices, even down right cheap in my opinion..Ofcourse I bought a ragdoll pattern
and the minute the PDF arrived in my mailbox I already had my fabrics selected:)
I knotted the hair a bit closer to het head so it really stays upright. I printed the pattern at 80% 'cause CutyPie is still a small baby!

I had such fun making her! I love the hair, so much better than the usual woolen hair on most ragdolls. That never turns out the way I want it to look.

Then I found this pattern.....BUNNIES!!

My printer was still set on the 80% so my first one looks like this. He has a rattlebox in his tummy.
Then his brother was made
 One babyproof butt and one with a pompom
 And here they are, happily waiting for a playmate

Since i liked making these so much, I browsed the redboot pages a bit more and learned that she has a book coming
I'm not a big fan of quilts with pics for children but the combo with matching plushies is a great idea!
Besides, you can pimp a bag or duvetcover with just one dog/bear/panda/superhero etc etc. Make a wallhanging, a pillow, heck, the possibilities are endless.
Needless to say that i pre-ordered the book on (lower price than Amazon and free delivery; that's a win-win, but  on Amazon you can preview some pages..just saying..)

So what do you think: wanna make a bunny for Easter? They're easy and quick to sew, so you can make a bunch of them and still have time to paint the eggs.
What you need to do to get FREE COPY OF THE BUNNY PATTERN is simply comment below. I have 2 copies to give away and will do so tomorrow when I get back from work..(if anyone commented that is, hahaha)


  1. Leuk, er gaat een heel nieuwe wereld voor je open, zo te zien.

    Groet, Nellie

  2. O, wat geweldig leuk. Echt helemaal jouw kleurige stijl. Ik vind die rode haren helemaal geweldig. Ik krijg er een blij gevoel van, en zo lekker kakelbont. Liefs Françoise

  3. Super leuk zeg ik doe mee...

    Groepjes carla