Friday, April 1


I managed to do absolutely nothing for 7 days in a row. How s that for an  achievement? Reason why is unfortunately not funny at all: a tiny joint in my back decided to shift for Easter. Guess it thought it would add to the fun of an egg hunt or something like that.
Result was that Baking DD called an emergency doctor at 4 in the morning ' cause I was in real horrible pain no matter what I did. 
After popping pain pills like a pro and a visit to the fysiotherapist I' m , once more, good to go..
What did we learn?
- Baking DD is THE best ( but I already knew that)
- the first 2 seasons of " Elementary" are more to my liking than the third...jeeej for Netflix
- I can knit a scarf heavily sedated on various drugs 
- I can not be missed at work since I m the only one there who knows the how to's
- and:


  1. Geen mop hè?!
    Daarvanuitgaande: veel sterkte en beterschap en....die sjaal laat je nog maar eens zien.

    Groet, Nellie

  2. yikes! you amaze me - still functioning and still laughing, even when Life gets kinda sucky ... bourbon sounds good - down a shot for me!