Sunday, April 6

Quilts and more....

C, Quilting DD and I went to a quiltfair yesterday. Sunshine, good company, quilts and supplies...what more does one need?
We strolled around, had a coffee and lunch and enjoyed. I did make a few pics; for colour, design, quilting and general inspiration :)

Ofcourse I'm unable to make a fancy layout , so all the pictures are just placed one after the other..


I finally bought new daylight lightbulbs. Look at the difference between regular bulbs and daylight ones. With the new bulbs installed I HAD to clean and de-clutter today. OMG it looked like Eleanor Burns herself had an episode here. Now it's all clean and tidy again or as baking DD would say : "sterile" 
Also bought an older issue of QuiltMania, 'cause I really liked this quilt
 It has the same feel as the Midnight at the Oasis quilt and since I tried "needleturning"applique (and i liked doing it!), this might be a future project.
Another thing I picked up was this pattern
I want some Spring/easter things on the wall in the sewingroom. Think red/black/white/bold prints instead of the "country` look. The pattern is called `spring chicken`, but all i could think of was `RÚÚÚÚN!!!!!`

The sun did her stinking best and with good result. I left the house with buds on my little apple tree and came home finding blossoms :)

Oh, almost forgot! I promissed myself to get some sewing time. I shamelessly nicked an idea from pinterest and made my own.
Don't know the original designer, but I'll look into that. Meanwhile, I'm happily handquilting my birdhouses... 

Monday, March 10

Now, where were we..?

When there's no post for over a month, the usual phrase in Blogland is : "o my, whatever happened to...(february in my case). Well I know exactly what happened!
Baking DD had to be welcomed back to the country after spending 6 months in the UK, birthdays had to be celebrated (both DH and yours truly), a christmasdinner was re-enacted (Quilting DD and her BF even put their silly christmas sweaters on!) since Baking DD had missed that. Quilting DD graduated from University and that was reason for another party and last but not least, we had 4 days of Carnaval that we celebrate in the southern part of the Netherlands. Hotel Mama was fully booked :)
That, my friends, was February in a nutshell. Phew! I left out the stomach flue part.

Now things are back to normal. Kids are where they're supposed to be (I hope), DH and I are back to work after the Carnaval week and I'm even thinking of quilts again.
Needless to say that sewing/quilting was not on the agenda last month.

I did make something though! Low and behold: a thread rack that I hate putting on the wall. I think it's "clutter" (my ocd) but after I found 5 cones of white that were all more or less used, I had to come up with better organization plans.

I bought a wooden serving tray, drew a grid (that took the most of the afternoon!)
 Made DH drill holes to put sticks in (and glued those)
a little spray painting and voila: a threadrack. the pins could have been a bit longer, but I worked with what I had
 For baking DD's homecoming, I re decorated her room (after cleaning and painting duh) and sewed her a Minion pillow!. Who doesn't love Minions??? DD certainly does :) All it needs are a few buttons for the pants, but ofcourse I had no pair, just single ones!
Okay, now we're up to date, let's enjoy the summer like temperatures we have this week.( meaning: pulling weeds) Next week it'll rain again so then there will be sewed :)!

Tuesday, January 14


Still thinking what to do with the Midnight quilt. I have been walking on air reading all the nice comments and emails! I mean, I never think of my own quilts in terms of 'fabulous' or 'stunning' :)
(more like 'mwa' or 'nice' or 'could be better') So a 'thank you' is in order.

Still contemplating what to next. The problem is that a medaillion quilt is a square. The Midnight is too small for a bed and too large for a wall in my relatively small home. I thought about repeating the orange peel border, but when I discussed that with a quiltshop owner, she suggested it would be better ending with a black background border. I think she has a point there, but that means adding TWO more borders. Am I willing to do that? Don't know....

Instead of making a decision, I bought some bright fabrics. Always a good idea when at a quiltshop!
Since I was with C, a Fasset made it to the stack too....
At the shop we saw some very nice embroidered biscornu pincushions. C said she wanted to learn how to embroider and since I did that a lot in my pre-patchwork era, I was happy to teach.To get my mind of the Midnight...
After the first embroidered square, C said she loved doing it and she thought it was addictive. I knew then we were in trouble!
I made a biscornu
 and a square, that's folded in four. Here's the front
 and back
 ...and another tiny biscornu

 And while I was cleaning out my sewingroom, I came across another pincuscion I made a while back. How about some hot chocolate?

Meanwhile, i have a embroidered needle case to finish, C and I ordered a bunch of new skeins and I STILL don't know what to do with the Midnight. *sigh*

Wednesday, January 1

A good start of the year!

First: a very happy newyear! May your fabrics be happy and your quilts be bright...

I started off with a FINISHED Midnight at the Oasis quilttop!
So I DID make the deadline of january 3th of the QuiltALong. Linking up with a completely finished quilt on january 31th is not going to happen though, since I handquilt and it's impossible to get that done in 3 to 4 weeks,

I enjoyed this project só much that I just couldn't stop sewing:)
I'm even considering to make a gazillion orange peel blocks to add as yet another border...

Tuesday, December 24

Sewing like

..there's no tomorrow...
Happy Christmas everyone!

I keep forgetting to link the hosts of this qal:( So here it is :

Tuesday, December 17

Twinkle twinkle...

 More Midnight progress. I was determined to add stars and the five pointed star didn't make it to the quiltcenter; it looked like a Converse Allstar billboard, so I ripped it of.
After the applique border the pattern said to make churndashes. Unlike other participants in the Quilt Along, I don't like churndashes that much, so.... I cut, sliced, trimmed STARS!


 As you can see,the applique is not yet on in this pic, but I made progress there too!

 So far, the project has been fun to sew although accuracy is down the drain, challenging

 Not one point from the orange peels match. I checked pattern and background measurements and I decided they were not competable! Even in the original pic of the quilt, points mismatched. They look like giant flowers now, and you know what? Fine by me!

 One more applique border left, but I'm saving that. I need a portable project for my next patch-appointment with C... That's why the small innner borders can't be sewn on yet.
 Next border: tiny squares. Quiltmania says to cut a gazillion and sew them together one by one. Uhhhh, NO! There are better, quicker and more accurate ways in my humble opinion.
The QuiltAlong is hosted here. Ofcourse I'll never make the deadline; I "discovered" this project when the group was at border 4 or 5, but it's not a race and it's fun to see hoe others do.  I really really like sewing this!