Tuesday, March 31

Another job done!

I like making small quilts and usually there are 3 on the wall in my sewingroom.
The "designs" change according to seasons although the christmasquilts lasted 'till june last year :)
I pulled out "spring" the other day and once again I was annoyed by the way everything was stored
All rolled up together in an old bedsheet I pinned together.
Time to re-arrange and tackle another chore.
In no time I had something looking like this:
Flipped picture, but you'll get the idea. A bag per season/theme and on the back of the label I wrote down what quilts are inside. I even made a bag for all the rods I use.
I basicly sewed tubes and tight the ends with a hair elastic. I do need to buy new elastics to tie my hair, since I used all I had.

This little project was an excellent occasion to try a big threadcone. My Husq can be very picky about thread, so before ordering a very expensive big Precensia cone, Í'd better testdrive.

Sven, the Husq didn't even know it was there and didn't skip a stitch. Yeey!
Fabric: ONE euro p/mtr, cheap test drive thread cone 1.80. Yeey again!
Points for organising my stuff: 10.
Note to self: should/could have done this ages ago.

Saturday, March 28

Small stuff....

 After months of quilting non stop on the weddingquilt, I was done fiddling with fabric and thread. But now I needed to sew something again. Nothing big, no thank you very much, but some small things like a sewingmachine mat e.g.!
 One with a long pincushion, attatched with velcro. When you sort out your mess, you find things you forgot about, like stamps...
I put some no-slip stuff underneath in "yuk" green. I found my supply of red when all was done :(
I made it for the Husq....(and sewed a mouse pincushion too, while i was at it. Pattern is from www.figtreequilts.com)

 but the Featherweight fits too

More stamping.....and one has never enough pincushions

 The birdie can be found at rileyblake.com. I think I feel the need to make more of these. Fun to sew, easy and very cute!
Last but not least: it's Biker Son's birthday today!!!Looking sharp at his big sis' wedding

Tuesday, March 10

The couple, the wedding and the quilt

I know, I really neglected my blog, but I had other, more important, things to do!
Quilting DD got married last friday!!
She's my oldest and the first child getting married.
Little did i know how emotional such a day is
 especially when the groom tells his bride how much he loves her. Thanks for waterproof mascara!! Here we all are: me, DH, Biker son and Baking DD...hanky's nearby :)
(pictures by www.bruiloftsgasten.nl)
Quilting DD made lots of comments/jokes that I should make a double weddingring quilt, even before travelling to NY where SoninLaw proposed. I kept saying: no way.
When she was in NY she texted that she bought a batting. I thought it was for a quilt she was working on and told her the batting was too small. She replied: "oh no Mum, I already got a batting for that one, it will be 2.50x2.50 mtr. It has to be, otherwise it won't be big enough for our bed ".
When we layered her quilt a few weeks later, it turned out to be 2.00x2.00 and we kept teasing her with her "big"quilt....

Ofcourse I made her a quilt.... and ofcourse i had to make mine 2.50x2.50 mtr!!
Machine sewn and handquilted, all Kona cottons

I sewed and quilted every day, with an occasional break while waiting for fabric to arrive from the Fabric Shack.
Every day from 3 to 5 I quilted, and from 7 to 11 every evening.
I wore three iron ring thimbles out. I managed to put holes in them. When I bought new ones, the quiltshop owner asked if I perhaps was quilting night and day (jokingly)?? I could only tell her :uhh, yes..

 But I finished in time!
 It took some effort to fold it small enough for the wirebasket

 DD was very surprised and happy with my gift. She didn't expect a big quilt at all because "it's just not possible to do in just a few months"
It can, just keep calm and quilt like mad..
After I finished, I haven't touched a needle. Done with quilting.
I cleaned my sewingroom yesterday. Perhaps I'm ready to enter the quilter's world again in a few weeks.

for this "happily ever after quilt" I used the metro-ring pattern and ruler. I will show and review this in a later post!

Thursday, December 11

It's that time of year again..

The time with grey skies and less daylight, days with less energy and still the same workload, holiday season with presents to buy and things to do.
Wintertime is just not for me although I can't complain about weather conditions overall. No snow and ice yet, thank you very much!!

DD finally sent some pics of our trip to Amsterdam a few weeks back. C, Baking DD and yours truly went to the Rijksmuseum. It had been a very long time since I was there so high time for a renewed visit.
We saw the wellknown Dutch masters, old and new

But this made the biggest impression....
We admired happier displays too....remember we have a wedding coming up? Check out these weddingdresses!


 After hours of strolling past every single item, DD decided it was shoppingtime. She still had energy to goof around :)

 The quiltshop however was allready closed....
I guess another trip to Amsterdam needs to be scheduled!

Sunday, October 26


I had a week off; autumn-break. I planned a quiet week but that's not really how it went. A day with Baking DD, celebrating her birthday (24, yeey!), a day with C and Quilting DD at the European Quilt Championship, followed by a day in Amsterdam visiting  the Rijksmuseum.
But first the quilty stuff!
Pictures!!! Just random quilts that caught my eye, no names of quilters ....

 ,,inspired by Freddy Moran; no wonder it appealed to me :)
 The theme was "Dutch Masters" Do you recognize van Gogh???

 On the bucketlist: handquilt a whole cloth

 Dutch chintz fabric..

 Delft blue..
 Another "I want to make"
 And a GIANT project from the Belgian Guild: make a quilt 20x20 and we will add it. (in short)

 The best of show. The dark clock was transparant. Beautifully made but...I don't get the award, sorry..

 DD, C and I have been visiting every year for as long as I remember. This will be our last visit. The show moves to Maastricht, the most southern corner of the Netherlands.
To be honest; not worth the drive. We missed several booths, and overall we don't get inspired anymore. Are we spoiled with millions of quilts we can see online? Could be, but it's more than that.
We miss demo's of that one new technique with perhaps that one new ruler. We miss notions! Ah, the Craft connection booth in Birmingham with just tools, tools and tools.
We want specialized booths with new things e.g show us that one ruler, tell us why that particular needle is the best, how does that sewing technique works etc. Hard to explain what Birmingham has that, what we miss here.

Perhaps it is what we see around us: quilters are not interested in the how and why, but want ready-to-sew.( and follow every hype that goes around) Questions on messageboards that amaze me like:" who can present me a snowball-block pattern". " have a 10" ohio star, but I need a 15", who has that pattern?"Are you kiddin' me?? Can no-one DRAW a pattern anymore or, for that matter,  see the block pattern in a quilt?
Ah well, maybe I'm just too old school....