Wednesday, July 13


Not much of summer here. Still rainy and an occasional patch of sunshine.
So.....I cleaned up the garden when it was dry, cleaned the kitchen (overdue) and tidied my wardrobe.
Then there was no reason left to procastnate (ah well, 2 computergames..and a book to finish) ,all chores checked of my list...

The Farmer's Wife! Still not quite sure, but I ran out of options. The white with red dots? Not enough fabric:( Red with white dots? Same story....
So....with most votes of family and friends

Note my "A" in the bottom right corner :)
After struggling with massive pieces of fabric and batting Thunderbird C came to the recue and helped layering and pinning.
And now it can be quilted which, probably, will take forever to do...
Tomorrow i'll make a start; gran daycare duties to perform, so after cuddling and playing CutyPie will need to sleep and gran can quilt.
It has been ages since I actually quilted, so it took some time to gather the supplies. Sorted and cleaned the quiltroom while I was searching for threads and thimbles.
But: I'm ready to roll now!!

Thursday, July 7

Now what?

Farmer s Wife is pieced, except for de final border. And there 's where I'm stuck...

Checks or dots????
I really can t decide....

Monday, July 4

Still here!

Only a week between me and my holiday! Lots of cleaning to do at work and loads of forms to fill in order to close properly. I'm dragging myself from day to day this week, that's for sure! But after this there will be SEVEN weeks of doing what I want to do instead of what work wants me to do!

Although I was not busy blogging, I did spent my time well. Made a SuperHero doll for Cutypie that turned out quite nice and (almost) finished piecing the Farmer s Wife.

And.....I won a book!
It has the happiest children's quilts ever and each quilt has it's own softie. A must-have if you ask me, for anyone with kids in their vicinity. It has a cd with all templates and the instructions are rather easy to follow
 I made this doll and appliqued a superman logo on het belly and cape with her letter J instead of the original S (sorry for the flipped photo)
And then there were "days out" One of them lead me to the roof of the St Jan cathedral (medieval) in the nearby town. This year they put scaffolding up so you could walk alongside the roof to see the magnificent statues up close.

Not all was bright and happy though...Yesterday our car kind of died and when we discussed what to do, my eye was caugth by this
 My 30 year old hedges are infected and dying! The F word came to mind again...
While I m writing this post I noticed my sign, hanging on for dear life on it's nail

Right on point: keep calm and carry on a bit crooked....

Tuesday, May 10


For quite a while I read the blog of mamacjt. She loves colour, never makes something with civil war fabrics, or muted ones ( I call them "tea-fabrics" ugh) and she has an incredible talent for drawing. Whenever I see her designs, it brings a smile to my face. I pinned a lot of her quilts, mug rugs and pincushions. A link to her blog is in my sidebar and as you can see the last blogpost has the title " sad news" . I was devistated to read that mamacjt or Carol has passed.
I can t get it out of my mind.....

Sunday, April 17

Where was I..?

Too long since the last blogpost, so time to catch up!
2 Weeks ago, Quilting DD, Sil and I went to the big Jheronimus Bosch exhibition. This medieval painter lived and worked in 's-Hertogenbosch and most of his still existing painting were to be seen at the local museum. Granddaughter was left in the capable hands of her opa....
My absolute fave was "the haystack"
....but all the paintings were absolutely worth while! Colour, lots of details and they all looked as if they were painted yesterday.

One week later I had another opportunity to cuddle CutyPie, when C and I picked Quilting DD up to go to a Quiltmarket/exhibition!

These are the only pics I took (and yep, 2 are sideways...)
We had a nice day; it had been too long since the 3 of us went out together!

And where was I quiltwise?
All one hundred and eleven Farmer'sWife blocks are DONE! Again it turned out a little brighter than I intended, guess i just can't seem to tone things down....( it is brighter in real life!)

 The authore repeated herself 2 times:
 Funny, since she specificly states, that she didn't "want to play favorites" (when she came a block short after putting the blocks on point) "so I added another block"
Nope, you didn't :)

I made only one and instead of the number 2, I made an Ohio Star, since that was the very first block I ever pieced
And the other duplicate I replaced with a signature block....sort of
Blocks with a slight variation that I didn't mind:
These 3 are quite the same if you take a closer look:)
 So now the task of (hand)sewing them all together starts and it will take as much time as sewing the blocks, I guess....

Friday, April 1


I managed to do absolutely nothing for 7 days in a row. How s that for an  achievement? Reason why is unfortunately not funny at all: a tiny joint in my back decided to shift for Easter. Guess it thought it would add to the fun of an egg hunt or something like that.
Result was that Baking DD called an emergency doctor at 4 in the morning ' cause I was in real horrible pain no matter what I did. 
After popping pain pills like a pro and a visit to the fysiotherapist I' m , once more, good to go..
What did we learn?
- Baking DD is THE best ( but I already knew that)
- the first 2 seasons of " Elementary" are more to my liking than the third...jeeej for Netflix
- I can knit a scarf heavily sedated on various drugs 
- I can not be missed at work since I m the only one there who knows the how to's
- and:

Wednesday, March 23


Graag wil ik reageren op n commentaar en graag wil ik iemand blij maken met n bunny, maar........iedereen staat op no-reply dus ik kan niet reageren! Dames check jullie settings aub...

Monday, March 21

Who doesn't want a HAPPY BUNNY ??

Since I'm a grandma, I 've been searching the internet from time to time on the hunt for funny/cute/nice etc things to sew for babies.
Last week, through Pinterest, I came across theredbootquiltcompany. Well with such a name, you have me interested!
I found the most lovely quilts and dolls patterns at absolute reasonable prices, even down right cheap in my opinion..Ofcourse I bought a ragdoll pattern
and the minute the PDF arrived in my mailbox I already had my fabrics selected:)
I knotted the hair a bit closer to het head so it really stays upright. I printed the pattern at 80% 'cause CutyPie is still a small baby!

I had such fun making her! I love the hair, so much better than the usual woolen hair on most ragdolls. That never turns out the way I want it to look.

Then I found this pattern.....BUNNIES!!

My printer was still set on the 80% so my first one looks like this. He has a rattlebox in his tummy.
Then his brother was made
 One babyproof butt and one with a pompom
 And here they are, happily waiting for a playmate

Since i liked making these so much, I browsed the redboot pages a bit more and learned that she has a book coming
I'm not a big fan of quilts with pics for children but the combo with matching plushies is a great idea!
Besides, you can pimp a bag or duvetcover with just one dog/bear/panda/superhero etc etc. Make a wallhanging, a pillow, heck, the possibilities are endless.
Needless to say that i pre-ordered the book on (lower price than Amazon and free delivery; that's a win-win, but  on Amazon you can preview some pages..just saying..)

So what do you think: wanna make a bunny for Easter? They're easy and quick to sew, so you can make a bunch of them and still have time to paint the eggs.
What you need to do to get FREE COPY OF THE BUNNY PATTERN is simply comment below. I have 2 copies to give away and will do so tomorrow when I get back from work..(if anyone commented that is, hahaha)

Sunday, March 13

Sewing up a storm...

There was smoke coming out of Sven when the sewing bug hit me at high speed last week.
I started with the 365 challenge project and made good progress, although I'm going to re-sew some. The technique  hidden squares and I were not competable. But with 4 blocks and the centerpart behind, I can safely say that I will get there (cough)
 After struggling with pesky little pieces I took some Pinterest time and found big bold letters! Ah, how nice to cut something beyond 1"!!
I first found a "C" and used up the only Fasset fabric I had left. Everytime I made something for C it has been this fabric, so now I need to get me a new Fasset fq:)
Then I got on a hunt for an "A" and made another mini

Backings that match personalities too....

Later on I decided that cuty pie granddaughter was in need of a grabbal. She loves contrasting colours so that's right up my alley
Finishing touch: a handmade label
 I brought it over myself since I had an extra day off aka cuddle time with oma again!
Last but not least: only a few more blocks to do and all of the 111 Farmer's wife blocks are on my wall. I need to draw/design 2 blocks myself since the author repeated herself twice and i want them ALL to be unique

Next on the list is some de-cluttering in my sewingroom......bleeeh....

Monday, February 22

On track and way behind

Last week I made my granddaughter a quilt. I hadn't done so because DD wanted to use a blanket instead of a quilt. But it felt odd! After all; this gran is about quilts:) Plusses because grandbaby IS a big plus and when you tilt your head a little, they become xxxxx: kisses!!
So big kisses from "oma" as grannny's are called in Dutch.
The back is a lovely fabric from Inkalily, I picked the cycling animals...
Since one can only sew one thing at the time, I'm waaaaaaay behind with the 365 challenge project.
Hopefully I find time to catch up soon.
On the bright side: I'm right on track with the Farmer's Wife!
"only" 16 more blocks to go before the painstaking process of putting it all together can begin.
I have a new addition in my sewingroom....a sleepover bed for cutypie.
 She came to visit oma with her parents last sunday and will come again next saturday.
The flannel cloth with the blue trim is 70 years old and handmade by my mum, when she was pregnant with her first. Still soft so her great grandchild can safely rest her head:)
Will MY great grandchild sleep under one of my quilts in 70 years time? I'd like to think so!
I cleaned my sewingtable to make room for a changingmat. When the little one was freed from her diaper however, she did what she had to do with such enthousiasm, that she almost hit the FW on the designwall ...LOL! But when your bum is as cute as hers, oma doesn't mind at all!!