Monday, April 26

Time to smell the roses....

After visiting 2 doctors with 2 different opinions, an appointment scheduled for further tests and lots of hassle at work, i thought it was wise to step away from it all and try to get some peace and quiet in my mind. No blogging, in fact hardly any computer switched on, no quilting (restless minds make sloppy stitches..) and lots of naps..
The matter is/was that my doctor thinks I've got Meniere's disease (don't google that, it's depressing) and the specialist doesn't (which is a good thing!) Fact remains that I have a constant whistle/flute/rumour in my ear that drives me nuts from time to time. So more tests are needed: in june the 'hollow spaces" in my head will be examined (probably they'll find there's a lot of hollowness there *lol*) and my hearing will be tested. We'll see what it will bring!
Enough said about my health! What DID I do in the past weeks to take my mind of things?
I made a cake and Baking DD decorated with..polkadots ofcourse! Behold..the work in progress :)

I did some mindless sewing: Corrine wanted a new pencilcase and together we came up with these..

Then we decided we had enough of the mess in the big bags we both carry and after some calculating and prototype sewing we both have now an 'innerbag' Great when you want to change bags (hop the innerbag from one handbag to another) and now we don't have to 'dig" to find something like the carkeys..

Quilting DD needed one too (duh) and Corrine sold (!!!) another 2 to colleagues from her work. I finished those as well (while C was attending a PARTY!) 
And since we have lovely weather here, I really took time to smell the roses..
More relaxing days lay ahead: coming saturday Corrine, Quilting DD and I will visit the Open European Quilts championship AND after wednesday I will be having 2,5 weeks off ! So slowly but absolutely surely i'm surfacing  again :)                                                                                                                                             


  1. Oh I love your bags and pouches and how neat to see red and white fabric with polka dots! You know I'm a bit of a bag lady, I sure could use an organiser.

  2. Sterkte met alle volgende onderzoeken en hopelijk is het niets verontrustends. Gewoon iets met de overgang of zo. Zal in ieder geval voor je duimen. De tasjes en tasopruimers zijn weer goed gelukt. Dus toch nog goed bezig geweest. (ik meen me trouwens te herinneren dat jij niets met tassen had :-0 )

  3. I'm a bit behind in my blog reading...and posting too for that matter.

    Love the cake, pouches and inner bag, very good idea.

    My sister has Meniere's and I have a very mild form of it as well. We both think our Dad had it too, but he was never really diagnosed with it. I hope things work out for you Annemiek...just take it easy.