Saturday, April 10


Since, let's say a week or so, I'm having some health issues. In short, I fainted and fell hard on my butt. I have now, I can safely say, THE largest black and blue spot ever recorded, on my delicate behind. (if it weren't my butt, I'd post a picture *lol*)
Yes I did go to the doctor (after a week...) and it can be nothing or it can be something. I have an appointment with a specialist in the hospital in a fortnight for additional tests. So we'll see where this will all lead.
I will survive for sure and to celebrate that ánd for comfort, C bought me a present..
Aren't these the best bowls??? They have the same print as the Dutch fabrics I used in my Holland quilt. I'll use them for sure every time C and I quilt together for serving "nice and responsible things to eat/snack while fondling fabrics"


  1. Wat een leuke foto zo samen...

  2. Ach jee, op je stuitje gevallen?
    Heb ik ook gedaan een paar jaar geleden en is geen lolletje.
    Leuke kommen.
    Maar goed dat ik ze nog niet tegen ben gekomen.

  3. on the bright side - at least you fell where there's a bit of padding ... no more fainting, though, okay?!?

  4. I hope your tail bone is ok, it sounds like a very nasty fall. I love that you have dishes to match your fabric!

  5. Oh my Annemiek! I hope it is not anything serious...

    Thanks for my morning laugh about your "butt photo" comment... lol!

    Take care!

  6. Doe je wel een beetje rustig aan. Tja die mokken zijn wel scheetjes

  7. Flauwvallen is nogal wat. Gelukkig ben je op de best mogelijke plek terecht gekomen. Jammer dat we geen foto mogen zien ;-)
    Die kommetjes zijn wel ontzettend leuk. Waar heeft C. die vandaan? Ik heb ze nog nooit eerder gezien en ik heb nog wel dezelfde stofjes!

  8. Thinking of you Annemiek...

  9. Those are indeed the sweetest little bowls to match your fabric--what a find! Your fall sounds nasty. I hope all is well soon.

  10. I've had you on my mind Annemiek. I hope things are going better with you and that you're feeling really good!

    Oh and if I fall on my butt will C buy me some pretty bowls???? LOL