Saturday, August 28


No blogposttitle this time; simply couldn't come up with one.
You know it's NOT going to be a great weekend when the phone rings at 7.50 in the morning and the caller says: goodmorning, this is the police...
Luckily all the kids were home and safe so my first thought was: motorbike!
Sadly enough I was right: DH's bike was stolen and the police found it a nearby town, completely burned.

Dh was rather calm untill he came back from the policestation and saw his dearly beloved Honda. He was devastated to say the least. All the hours he put in this bike...It's not the money, it's the labour and the love for the machine. Just like a finished quilt: you don't think about the price of the fabrics, but how you loved to sew the pattern, the joy (and pain!) of choosing fabrics etc..You know, the whole process that makes that your heart is in that quilt.

Burning that bike is só meaningless. We´d rather had that they took it and drove to Paris for all we care..
DH´s bike on the right in happier times..                                                                                                      


  1. OH NO!!! I am so sorry...really I am...some people are just mean and stupid.

  2. OMGosh I'm so sorry this happened!! As a person who has had her home robbed 4 times (once with a neighbor seeing my TV being carried down the street and didn't call the police) I know that horrible sinking feeling of being violated by some low life.

    Hugs to your hubby,


  3. That is really terrible Annemiek, and it is terrible that there are so many people who don't have respect for another person's property!!! Stealing is one such thing, but destroying the item is just senseless!!
    I am sorry for your DH's loss...

  4. So sorry, Annemiek, to hear of this senseless vandalism and for your husband's loss. It's just disgusting.

  5. Hoi Annemiek

    Heb net Gerd Aan de foto's laten Zien .
    HIJ schrok erg van de wrakstukken .
    Zo jammer DAT ER Hans Helemaal Niks Kan Meer Mee Stichting DOEN .
    Zo klote , heel JE Ziel en Zaligheid Weg.

    groetjes Uit Liempde

  6. Oh No! I'm sorry this happened to your DH1 Stealing is bad enough but torching it is just putting salt on the wound...

  7. So sorry to hear about the bike. I can't imagine someone being so cruel. It is just plain stupid. I know that bike meant a lot to your hubby and you have had lots of fun together with it.

  8. I will never understand people who just do things like this for fun. I'm so sorry for your husband, it must be so upsetting.

  9. I'm so sorry about the bike. I just can't imagine what is going on in some people's minds that they think it's okay to destroy other's property.

  10. Bah wat vervelend voor je man. Mijn DH heeft ook een motor wat zijn lust en zijn leven is en hij vond de foto's erg shockend

  11. Wat een rotstreek. Het gevoel van je man kan ik me goed voorstellen. Mijn quilt verleden jaar, hetzelfde gevoel. Je hele ziel en zaligheid ligt in zo'n ding en dan plotseling is het weg. En zo zinloos om hem in de fik te steken. Ik kan me er zo boos over maken.
    Heeft de politie de daders?