Friday, August 27


So happy that the David's well shaped behind brightened up the day for some. Glad to be of help :)
From David's parts to my curves seems like a big step, but bodyparts are bodyparts after all.
I started with the new apron pattern and hit a BIG obstacle.
You start with a 9"tall piece of fabric for the bodice and after loosing 2"for seamallowances etc. you are left with a piece of 7"inches tall. This piece, the final bodice, is supposed to go from the top of your boobs to your waist. Did you get the SEVEN inches??
I don't know about you, but I'm not Pamela Anderson or Dolly Parton but need a bit more than 7" to cover that part of my body. To be totally honest, I need at least 11" to reach my waist (or the part where I think my waist is).
I mailed the author to ask if I did anything wrong but got no answer yet. She states that women have curves. Couldn't agree more, but curves need a bit more room than 7"!

So I looked like a teacozy in my apron instead of a domestic diva. What else can I do than rip it all apart and cut a new longer bodice *sigh*

(btw: i'm having so much fun thinking that every female reader of this post, takes the tapemeasure in their hands to see how much space they need. I know I would *LOL*)


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  2. *spellcheck* I had too many booboos.
    I'm at work with no tape measure but I do have a ruler and I would definitely need at least 10" (finished) if that apron bodice was going to protect my clothes from food splatters. Seven inches would only protect my belly roll!!! :)

  3. Ik lig helemaal in een deuk. Niet om de maten maar de manier waarop je het vertelt. En nee, ik ga niet meten, wil het helemaal niet weten!

  4. I've already mentioned my lack of a waist but I didn't mention that I do not lack in the boob I didn't measure.....I didn't want to depress myself ROFL


  5. my girls have been heading south for a while - the top of them is still where it was, but the BOTTOMS are getting VERY close to my waist - i would need a WHOLE LOT MORE INCHES (there are two reasons why they call me "ROCK IN SOCK", ya know) than seven!!!

  6. HAHAHAHA, I didn't measure but even my slimmer self would need more than 7". What was she thinking?? Maybe you can just cut and add an insert rather than making an entire new top?