Friday, December 24

Me, myself and I

Kind of selfish post title, in the light of the time of year, I admit, but it's been a while since my last update and there was a reason for that. I was, am, not doing great. Tinnitus therapy triggered more than I bargained for and after a nasty conflict at work I gave in and called in sick. It became clear that i was pretty exhausted, both in body and soul and something had to be done to prevent a burn out.
I slept a lot, cried a lot, worried a lot and felt at the top of my nerves all the time.
I'm doing a bit better now and decided to pick up blogging again. Sorry for not answering comments and an occasional email. I needed the energy that was left, just to get through the day.
Enough said and on to happier things!

I did sew! Well , I quilted more . The Dutch quilt is done. Except for the binding ofcourse. As you know I hate doing bindings and this time I had the perfect excuse: I had no binding fabric! Hurray for online shopping; it arrived this week so I hope for a real finish  soon.
I also finished sewing the "White, not the average Christmasquilt" (work title..haha) and even did a lot of handquilting after this pic was taken..
The border HST's on the front ánd on the back were all "waste". The things that you're left with when then pattern says: "sew, fold and cut ... off". Well, my name is NOT Eleanor Burns and i didn't want to throw piles of HST away.....

Another update on how things are in my corner..It's cold and white. I'm not a fan of snow and don't care a bit about a white christmas. Sorry, but i can't enjoy piles of snow, slipping and sliding when driving etc. I'm just not a winter girl. Today I got stuck with my car and DS had to push. I first stepped out, slipped and landed on my butt in a huge pile of freshly fallen snow. A man passing by said how he (really) LOVED that we were going to have a white christmas. Grrrrr! I remembered the "peace on earth" thing just in time..
This is last week

This morning we had 9 inches of snow on the garden table and there's more on the way.

Anyway...I wish you all a very merry Chrismas!
(and now I'm blogging again, I hope I won't loose another


  1. Annemiek toch. Ik had je al gemist. Doe je wel wat rustig en voorzichtig met jezelf. Als mens heb je maar 1 leven! Ik heb 5 jaar geleden een burn out gehad en heb nog steeds 'stuiptrekkingen'. Ga vooral niet snel weer terug naar je werk. Ik heb er een jaar over gedaan. Heel veel sterkte en praten helpt!

    Wens je een gezellig en ontspannen Kerstfeest!
    (sneeuwpeil hier is nu plm 50 cm en ik heb de kinderen afgebeld, zal dus erg rustig worden).

  2. Hi Annemiek...
    You have been busy with needle and thread!! Good for you! Probably a been a very good focus for you this past while.... The quilts look wonderful, and your HST look great! Waste not, want not!!! 8-)
    Reading through the lines of how you've been, I think you've had it worse than one would think. I sincerely hope you find a form of peace/the tools to help you well with your BEEP... I can only imagine what you are struggling with...
    Wishing you a blessed Christmas...

  3. So sorry to hear of your troubles. I hope that things turn around for you this coming year. Take care and thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh Annemiek, I'm so sorry you have been having such a hard time. I'm sending some gentle hugs your way.

    I love both of your almost finished projects :0)

    I'm with you, I'm SICK of snow and having to move the dang stuff every other day!!

    Merry Christmas


  5. i don't get to complain about snow - it is actually staying in the mountains so far this year ... i am happy for the skiers and snowboarders AND for me! i did have to sweep snow twice (in one day) last week - but it was snow-globe snow and didn't stick...

    i'm glad you are back, sweetie - i've been thinking about you

    the Dutch quilt is AWESOME ... i don't throw away my whack-it-offers, either

    take good care and have a very merry christmas!!!

  6. Oh Annemiek....I am so sorry you've been down. Sometimes it is just best to throw in the towel and heal. Picking up a needle and thread is always the best therapy for me and it seems to be working for you too.

    Both of your quilts are beautiful and your quilting on the Dutch quilt is wonderful!

    Please take care of yourself...big hugs and Merry Christmas!

  7. Glad to see you back in blogland - I love reading your blog. may the coming year be a year of happiness, good health and lots of quilts.

  8. Well, thank goodness you are back! I was beginning to think I was going to have to come over there and see what was going on! Sounds like a rough time for you. Maybe even a touch of depression? Don't rule that out. I love your quilts, especially the Dutch one. It's a good distraction isn't it?

    Take care of yourself and keep on quilting. Looking forward to hearing more from you soon too!!

  9. Fijn dat je weer terugbent, alleen jammer om te horen dat het niet zo goed met je gaat. Gelukkig heb je wel een therapie gevonden. Doe het rustig aan en ik blijf je toch volgen.

  10. Vergeet ik het belangrijkste, fijne kerstdagen en je hebt weer hele mooie quilt gemaakt.