Monday, November 15

He's here!

Last saturday, St. Nicolaas arrived safely in our country. Along with him lots of his helpers, the "Zwarte Pieten"
He's here to celebrate his birthday on the 5th of december with gifts for everyone.
In our family we buy a gift for one familymember. Ofcourse i know whose name came out of the hat for me to buy a present for, but  do not know who drew MY name!
More and more people don't celebrate "Sint", for they say it's only for children and they give eachother presents at Christmas. I think we should cherish this very old Dutch (and Belgian)tradition. Therefor I pinned my button on my coat, saying: "Long live Sint!)

Last week I also got the best envelop there is in my mailbox
Even on a flipped-over picture "Fabric" is the best word in the English language. In Dutch we say "stof"; how boring is that!?
This is what was inside:
Christmasfabric for the backing of my machine pieced (still working on it..) Christmasquilt. I do like the Falala fabric and am humming that song all day long..(The only lyrics I know are "falala..")
The colour is slightly different than the right side of the quilt and so I was in desparate need of RED to bind it all together. I never have to persuade friend C to come along on a quiltshoptrip and there I got these

Ridiculous to run out of red if it's your fav colour!


  1. Oooo lovely fabric. I'm with those that feel Christmas is for the little ones, we oldsters don't need gifts, we buy what we want all year :0)


  2. Deck the halls with boughs of holly fa la la la laaa la la la laaa! There you go, the whole line for you to sing. Love those new fabics very much. Fabric sure is the best word out, in every sense of the word. Nothing like that on a parcel, lovely crisp fabric. Do enjoy using it.

  3. I think celebrating Sint sounds fun and besides, I'm all for just Celebrating! :)

    Cannot believe you ran out of reds...for will never run out of red fabric of that I can be sure!

  4. Helemaal met je eens dat het Sinterklaasfeest moet blijven. Het is zo jammer dat onze eeuwenoude traditie wordt overschaduwd door een nage-aapte kerstman met zoveel glitter.Ik ben misschien vreselijk ouderwets, maar ik haat al die kerstspullen in de winkels nog voordat Sint een voet aan wal heeft gezet. Een paard op het dak is al vreemd, maar een kabouter die door een horde rendieren door de lucht wordt getrokken is toch helemaal hahaha?
    Driewerf hoera voor onze Sint en Piet!!!
    Mooie stofjes overigens. Kunnen mijn goedkeuring zeer zeker wegdragen. Mooi rood is prachtig!

  5. I say the tradition of Sint should be treasured... But the, who am I? lol! 8-)

    Great fabrics Annemiek! I look forward to seeing your Christmas quilt!

  6. I agree on the Sint subject entirely!

  7. where ARE you?!? i miss you!!!