Sunday, February 27

What's another year..?

When even familymembers ask why there's nothing new on your blog, you know it's time to start up a pc :)
What was going on during the last few weeks..Well, C and I went to a quiltmarket. We had a nice day out, but the new hall in which the event took place was drafty, a bit cold and had no "feel" if you get what I mean. We also missed something "new": fabriclines, notions, gadgets. Is it that we are spoiled with the internet on which everything new is already seen?What matters is that we had a break from daily busyness and we're looking forward to a next event..
I made few pics, but we both loved these quilts:
 And this one, made from clothinglabels!
February is my birtdaymonth...yep, another year was added! I'm 55 now, but still alive and kicking +lol+
I was spoiled, to say the least. Without going into details (burglars are still active in the vicinity!) I can tell that C just now helped me getting to know some software.
Wanna see some other presents???

And last but not least: I was asked (I think it was Ranette) to post pics of my Dutch quilt in all its glory...


  1. Happy Birthday Annemiek!! It looks like you have made quite a haul for your the headphones!!

    Your Dutch quilt is amazing and the lighting is perfect for the photo :0)


  2. Happy, happy Birthday friend!!! Haven't you heard? 55 is the new 35...uh huh, yea right! LOL

    You did get loads of nice things...LOVE the watch!

    Oh how I love your Dutch quilt....did you hand quilt it? Thank you for the pictures :)

  3. Happy Birthday. I really like your Dutch quilt and how it was quilted.

  4. Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag, mooie cadeau's heb je gekregen vooral het horloge en het strijkijzer. Prachtige quilt van jou maar ook mooie foto's heb je op de beurs gemaakt.

  5. Happy Birthday you NUT!! Would that software be the new EQ7?? Now you can teach me! Looks like you had quite a haul. Hope it was a good day. LOVE your Dutch quilt!!!

  6. Wonderful quilts from the quiltmarket Annemiek! I think a lot of "Y-seams" went into them!!! ouch!!

    A belated happy birthday to you!! Lots of lovely gifts you've received!!! 8-)

    Your Dutch quilt is wonderful! You did an awesome job on the quilting!!! Very nice!!

    Hope all is well!

  7. That quilt is awesome! And I love your red and white in the previous post. Awesome stuff happening!