Thursday, April 14

Dutch design

A friend was on the hunt for bicycle fabric, so i searched the net a bit to see what I could find for her. I came across and to my surprise I found fabric featuring  ME on my way to work :)
The hair colour, red clothes, jeans, and MY bicycle, it really IS me!

I found this fabric is from a Dutch designer. The spoonflower site allows you to make your own fabric: you can upload your own designs and spoonflower prints it onto real fabric. How cool is that!! You should check the link and read how it works... This very talented lady uploaded 44 designs and they all look absolutely great. I found several very Dutch,like these Dutch cookies :)

Dutch trains...

She also has lots of more international the feathers!

For dot lovers..

But my absolute fav must be ofcourse the ones the spoonflower site will not let me save properly :(

The bikerlady is in pink and as you know I do not do pink. But....the designer can upload it in red if I want to (and I do!)
The link to see all her designs is If the link doesn't work, look for "verycherry" on the spoonflower site. You should.
I personaly think that some manufacturer like Marcus Brothers or Michael Miller, Robert Kaufman SHOULD  contact her. The designs are fresh, colourfull and modern. I know I would buy them for sure!!


  1. Oh wow!!! What fun fabrics Annemiek!!! What great finds on the internet!!! I'm going to have fun looking through that site!!! Thanks! 8-)

  2. Eigen stoffen dat lijkt me te gek, ga ook eens kijken. Die je hier laat zien zijn enig.

  3. Wow interesting fabrics. I love the pigeon one.