Monday, February 28


Baking DD wants to make a cheesecake and on the net there are so many recipes that she doesn't know which one to choose. Mind that she never made a real cheesecake before so she needs a recipe that will work and produces a yummy cake. She has her mind set on a New York cheesecake with creamcheese.
 Anyone with baking qualities and THE cheescake recipe???

BTW, she did her drivers license exam today and passed!

Sunday, February 27

What's another year..?

When even familymembers ask why there's nothing new on your blog, you know it's time to start up a pc :)
What was going on during the last few weeks..Well, C and I went to a quiltmarket. We had a nice day out, but the new hall in which the event took place was drafty, a bit cold and had no "feel" if you get what I mean. We also missed something "new": fabriclines, notions, gadgets. Is it that we are spoiled with the internet on which everything new is already seen?What matters is that we had a break from daily busyness and we're looking forward to a next event..
I made few pics, but we both loved these quilts:
 And this one, made from clothinglabels!
February is my birtdaymonth...yep, another year was added! I'm 55 now, but still alive and kicking +lol+
I was spoiled, to say the least. Without going into details (burglars are still active in the vicinity!) I can tell that C just now helped me getting to know some software.
Wanna see some other presents???

And last but not least: I was asked (I think it was Ranette) to post pics of my Dutch quilt in all its glory...

Thursday, February 10

I proudly present...

Long time since the last post. I kept on struggling a bit with work, boss, life..but I'm doing better every week. I still have trouble sleeping well: there are more reports of burglaries in the vicinity and I'm awake every time I think I hear something.
 It is hard to keep connected without my own laptop too. My old Toshiba was on every day and I could surf and mail in front of the tv, taking a break from quilting or sewing or whatever. I spent a lot more time online for sure!
So, I apologize for not aswering to your comments and I promise to be more considerate in the future :)

 I did sew (duh) and I finally did my binding chores. My red/white quilt had to wait 2 years for its binding..

I finished the White Christmas quilt, in time for Christmas 2011

..and did the binding on the Dutch quilt. So I now have THREE finished quilts!
I am very pleased with myself. (and to Quilting DD: no, they still do not have labels, I will print those after finishing this post and sew them on tonight! And yes, I know a quilt isn't finished without a label, I taught you so..) 

I have been seeing the fysiotherapist. My collarbone is turning and wants to come up. Not a good idea. The fysio forbid me to quilt for more than 10 minutes a day. She obviously has no clue what she asks from me. I cheated ofcourse, to finish the Christmas quilt. I think she also meant no sewing, but I was wise enough not to ask that. I limited myself to sewing small stuff instead of finishing the next UFO. (when a top is finished, I want to quilt it immediately..)
So, I made a keychain clutch, a "bubble" clutch (all from Keykalou patters) and a zippered make-up bag, just to keep me occupied :)

Só looking forward to the weekend: C and I will go to a quiltmarket/ exhibition. It has been ages since our last trip!
I'll let you know how much we enjoyed it!