Wednesday, July 18

Given up on me :) ?

....Well I almost did! Gave up the blog, that is. Not posting was easy, starting over is another matter. What to say after all those months of silence and no sewing/quilting
No use to update, wouldn't know where to begin. I do want to share one picture of what happened in my quiltroom..
Yes, a bomb exploded there. I tossed everything out, got rid of ancient ufo's, replaced worn out cabinets, repainted and started over. And most important:hiding underneath a pile of  rubbish, dustbunnies and fabricscraps i found my quiltbug! So happy to recover that one!!
So what better way to make a fresh start than to show a finished quilt! The black and white experience aka Houndstooth XXL is finally done.
 In a vain effort to make a sassy pic I tossed it over my bike. Not the best idea. A motorbike always has some oily dirt on it and that doesn't go well with a black and WHITE quilt..

I'm also turning back to the routine of quilting in the evenings, while listening to the  television, so who knows...the HappyJoy quilt might get finished too this summer..
( C just stept in for a cup of coffee saying: "WHAT are you doing??? POSTING??" lol)


  1. YAY!! Glad to see you are quilting! I love the Houndstooth XXL...what a wonderfully graphic quilt. I may have to put that one on my list.

    I get the lack of much busier now than ever before, it's strange?! But I am glad to see an update. I really like your ironing board cover...cute! I would feel right at home in your sewing room...looks like

  2. Glad to see you are back. I look forward to seeing your mystery progress!

  3. Precies wat ik dacht! Maar ik ben blij dat je de bug weer hebt uitgegraven. Er gaan nu vast spannende dingen geburen in je quiltkamer.
    De hanepootjesquilt is geweldig geworden. Heel stoer!

  4. Leuk weer een berichtje op je blog. Moet ik ook eens doen. Wist je trouwens dat er per half oktober in CUlemborg een quiltwinkeltje komt?
    Jaja ik ga hier mee van start. Leuk he!!

  5. i am happy to see that you are back and bitten by the Quilt Bug ... i still haven't gotten back to blogging - sometimes i forget that i even HAVE a blog...

  6. Hello, no wprry. ypu bmog when you wont to , no?
    Jour pied de poule is wonderful
    happy quilting

    hug quiltingmiele

  7. I am so happy to see that you are alive and well!! I MISS hearing from you!!! How are things over there? How is Lotte? How is quilting going? How is Miss C doing? C'mon, catch me up!!!