Monday, July 30

So far, so good....

....this week I'm going to add another small strip to complete the houndstooth border. Then sew a gazillion 2' squares together for border 2...

DD and i got mail last week! Fav quiltshop has closed the brick&mortar shop (I'm still trying to get to terms with that!) and continued as a webshop (with a possibility to visit, take lessons or participate in a bee). We wanted to order a fq as soon as the webshop was opened. I tried when things weren't working just right, but soon after DD was the very first online customer.

DD was so happy with the fun mail, that she took pics:)

Green for me, squares for DD and a free yellow fq, for being the first online order!
How nice is that!


  1. Je quilt wordt prachtig en jullie stofjes zijn zo lekker fleurig. Trouwens leuk dat je er weer bent.

  2. De quilt ziet er geweldig uit! Wij hebben de "nieuwe" quilterij al twee keer bezocht. Erg gezellig!

  3. Wat is je top mooi geworden. Snel gedaan trouwens.
    Jammer van de Quilterij. Het was een leuke winkel op een schitterende locatie.