Monday, September 17

Last days of summer...

Now summer is slowly fading, I've started to handquilt my latest top. No real name popped up yet for this one; perhaps it'll come to me later on.
It's nice to have a new project on your lap now evenings are getting colder..
I started with circles and filled in the blanks later on.
 Had to make several quilt shapes last sunday. I made them out of (thin) cardboard and glued those onto sandboard to prevent slippering. I also had C's ready bought circles that fitted perfectly.
To hold on to the summer feeling as long as I can , I treat myself to a fresh bunch of sunflowers every week.
Transforming my dinnertable to a colourfull spot in the house:)
Don't want to bore everyone with endless Featherweight stories, but i do want to say that i'm up to my neck in restoring. The more I unscrew and clean/oil/lube, the better she starts to sound and stitch. When i came across this pattern, i couldn't resist!
I love how the letters form the machine! I think I'll turn it into a dustcover or something like that.  The paperpiece pattern can be found here.
Enjoy the last days of summer!


  1. Wat is het een prachtige quilt. Veel succes met poetsen van je Singertje en ik kan me voorstellen dat je dit patroon niet kon laten schieten.

  2. Móói! Je gaat lekker zo.
    Leuk dat Singer patroon. Lijkt me echt iets voor een cover.