Sunday, September 23


What to do on a rainy sunday afternoon? Well, how about a bit of relaxing in your sewingroom? That sounded like a good idea and i still had the paperpieced Featherweight block lying around.
Decided it had to become a tote. Not for grocery shopping but for the FW.
The pattern required ready-bought piping. Not going to happen. the only thing I could get here was  "yuk" polyester/shiny/pastel coloured stuff. So instead i bought cord and ready made bias strips and made myself some piping. So far so good.
Getting the piping on the pattern pieces was another story! What a struggle to get it as tight as i wanted it to be.
Wááááyyyy past dinnertime I had a headache and this:

I lined it with fusible fleece and wanted it INSIDE the case to protect the FW from bumping. It's a bit taller than the original pattern so I can fold it over the machine, just in case the footpedal drops from the cases lid.
..and i can safely lift it in ánd out the case. Although I made many mistakes, putting the block upside down is NOT one of it.
It's a dustcover as well. How clever! (not my idea..)
Some more pics to show that wretched piping

Tutorial is to be found here
Now I can relax and to some handquilting on the couch...


  1. oh my goodness - that is an awesome tote! i would never have thought of it ... so, please don't let little Bette Black (my FW) know because she will want one, too

  2. Mooi! En dubbel zo handig! Maar goed dus, dat je dat blok ondersteboven hebt gemaakt. Geweldig.

  3. I'm with Dianne. My little FW now things she needs one too. THANKS! Haha yours is adorable!

  4. Oh and where did you get the PP pattern from, I LOVE it!!!

  5. Chapeau! Dat is een heel knappe tas-hoes. Ziet er perfect uit. En jij kunt niet goed met de naaimachine overweg?

  6. Ja piping kan heel vervelend zijn, maar het tasje ziet er strak en mooi uit.