Saturday, October 20

New quiltshop :)

Today C and I went to check out the quiltshop that a former employee of the fav quiltshop, started. (do you still follow) Since fav quiltshop closed it's brick and mortar building, she was out of a job and decided to follow her dream!
It was a bit of an adventure to get there; it was outside town, near the river ánd a road was closed. The house is just behind the river's dike! Gorgeous!

Ah! a quilt showed the way:)
 C's new allstar sneakers reflected in the lovely teacabinet...

 Willeke, the owner, has a great eye for detail and everything was displayed very nicely. Even the towelrack in the kitchen was worth a pic..
..and check the view from the workshop area!
I bought a pair of scissors to match the Featherweight
For those who live in the area:
"Fat Quarters" in Culemborg.  and her blog

Tomorrow, C, Quilting DD and I will go out again to a quiltshow in another lovely little town..Busy weekend!


  1. Leuk al de foto's die je hebt gemaakt,je krijgt een goede indruk zo. En erg leuk jullie beide weer gezien en gesproken te hebben. Voor mij is de opening een super geslaagde dag geworden. De kop is eraf en nu kan het echte werk beginnen.

  2. Gezellige winkel maar weer zo'n eind uit de buurt. Ik zou hier in het zuiden wat meer keuze willen hebben (nee zelf begin ik er niet aan).

  3. Looks like a wonderful little shop! Thanks for sharing your visit there with us A!!!