Friday, October 19

My tiny world

Last week I had, what we call, "autumn break", meaning I had the week off. I had planned a lot of sewing time, but all i did was sleep and take naps inbetween. Guess I was tired :)
Wednesday i told myself to snape out of that routine, wake up and actually DO something.
While searching through Pinterest pages I found the  little world teacup pincushions from Mimi Kirchner and it triggered my pc obsession :)
Here's what i came up with
 With in the garden..

 and for cold nights you need to have some logs for your fireplace..
 Now I have to clean up the mess on my table
..and get ready to start quilting again!                                                                                                       
 I'll probably make more. After the first 2 you'll only get more and more ideas about the next one. How about an island? Or something with blue felt? A pond? C's fav pink and purple? Big flowers instead of trees? Impossible to make just one, or 2, or......

For those who share my current obsession: Mimi Kirchner uses wool balls and covers those with wool fabric or felt. I took small leftover battingstrips (the ones you cut of a quilt before putting the binding on) and rolled them up to a ball, and plain felt I had lying around. Fabric glue to hold tiny pieces in place, came in handy. More info on how to make these "tiny worlds" is to be found at Mimi's website.


  1. your pincushions are always the best - and these are no exception ... makes me wish i could do things that require a bit of fiddling with (but my cranky fingers always say "no way!") ... i love your cottages!

  2. Te gek! Leuk toch voor tussendoor. Wel weer aan quilten toegekomen?

  3. These are incredibly adorable!!! I lOVE them!!