Monday, November 19


Last saturday, C, Baking DD and I went to the "Glow" exhibition in Eindhoven, hometown of the Philips factory. Glow is an annual event in which there are moving light projections on buildings (that alter the building completely) and other arty farty light objects.
 We really liked these giant lampshades, that changed colour. C made the pics, including the artistic one below. Yeey for an I-phone, when you forget to take your camera:)
The startingpoint was in an old, abandoned factory, for the occasion turned into a café/bar. The old building had something to do with textiles: giant spools were displayed and all the tables had a sewingmachine in it's original cabinet at their side. One machine caught our eye...

A Lada! Special to me, since my car is a 20 year old Lada aka "the Russian Mercedes". (it says "made in the USSR"on the fuel tank lid). Never knew they made sewingmachines as well. Turns out the sewingmachines were Czech and not Russian..
Finally i did some "glowing"myself; couldn't resist.
Nothing quilty to report. I'm still handquilting the same project. I did play around with fabric the other day, but it's too soon to show. Next time perhaps!

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  1. Leuk! Ik heb me nu al zo vaak voorgenomen en het komt er maar niet van.