Tuesday, December 4

Odd jobs

According to my dictionary, i have been doing "odd jobs", meaning that i am my own handy(wo)man.
Never heard of the expression, but truth is that i have been very busy doing all sorts of things that had to do with my toilet, bathroom and kitchen. After 26 years things needed a upgrade. Real renovation was far to expensive, so I put my painting clothes on and went to work!
New wallpaper above the tiles (no, we don't have tiles from floor to ceiling), a chandelier in the toilet (!) and new shelves there too.Painted the spaces between the tiles (is "pointing"a correct word? Grouts?) so now they're white again, scrubbed the same things on the floor. Those are grey again instead of black

Repeat in the bathroom
What needs to be done is finding a suitable towelrack and new bathroom cabinets. Hang the mirror and put all the stuff back. Gone are dirty tilegrouts, black fungusspots between bath and wall and old/worn out accessories. Today I finished another job: putting a blackboard sticker on a kitchenwall. Tricky, since the decall was 53x2.00 mtr. It turned out fine and I immediately wrote all sorts of stuff on it. Never knew that actual writing on the wall was so much fun to do *lol*

Inbetween i helped DS moving from one studentdorm to another ánd managed to play with fabric.
I had fun making some wonky dissapearing 4patch blocks. The result reminds me of kitchentowels:)  I think I'll make some more; it absolutely needs more red.. It'll have to wait though. First we are celebrating "Sinterklaas", the Dutch equivalent of SantaClaus (actually the other way around...), i'm going on a househunt with Quilting DD, Christmas is near (decorating!!) and much more.
Only 3 more weeks 'till my Christmasbreak..pfffff....!


  1. Je kleinste kamertje ziet er weer tiptop uit. Een leuk boekje erbij en je zou er niet meer vandaan komen. Knap resultaat!

  2. i LOVE your polka-dotted, stripey bathroom - looks WAY cool!!! when you are done, you can come here and do mine, too...

  3. Wat ontzettend leuk gedaan !!