Wednesday, January 16


 Since yesterday..

It's white, it's freezing, it's cold. Co-workers talk about how pretty the world looks, how great it'll be when the ice 'll be thick enough to skate etc etc.
I keep quiet and will "patiently" wait untill it's all gone again. I'm an outcast: I hate snow.


  1. i think that people who love snow must not have to shovel it, drive in it, walk (slip and slide and fall) in it, or live in it for weeks and months at a time...

    it IS pretty - if i am sitting in a warm house, under a warm quilt, sipping a warm drink and munching on warm cookies (that i didn't have to bake myself), knowing that everyone i care about is safe and comfortable, too; and i have no place that i have to go...

  2. Jullie hebben meer sneeuw dan wij. Hoewel het sneeuwt hier al de hele ochtend poedersneeuw. Ik ben een wintermens en geniet dus! Ook als ik de deur uit moet. Vanmorgen lekker wezen winkelen. Nergens druk want MEN gaat niet de deur uit als MEN niet hoeft. Het enige minpuntje is auto rijden in bepaalde straten maar dat is een kwestie van rijstijl aanpassen. Lente is ook heerlijk hoor, maar zomer zou ik liefst overslaan. Mijn verhaal helpt je niet door de winterdip vrees ik. Sorry en sterkte!

  3. Oh my... My dad told me you were getting lots of snow. Welcome to my world Ann! We have 3-4 times that much snow and more will come, and it isn't going anywhere till end of March. Looks pretty, but I don't like it either.
    We had very icy highways and streets yesterday. Not at all fun!