Monday, March 11

row 2: quarter squares

Row 2 of the red and white quilt is all about quarter square triangles aka hourglasses.
This is how I made them:

An absolute must-have/best ruler EVER is the Precision Trimmer by Marsha McCloskey. I asked C to bring me one when she went to Florida. Her DH made it his mission to find one at a quiltshow they visited and he brought one home for me as a gift. I love it and it is perfect to trim the oversized blocks for absolute accurate blocks.
The hourglasses came together pretty quick but there is a downside to this way of constructing them. I found that seams of one where not competible with the other. It was a bit of a puzzle to match them in a row with butted seams.
Played around a bit.....
...but decided I liked the 3rth option best. Ofcourse I could have used just squares, but where's the challenge in that? Now I had to conquer bulky seams and fan lots of seam allowances and that was the assigment I gave myself. Besides, the goal is to master triangles.
So, here it is....tadáá row 2
Meanwhile, Husqvarna Sven threw up it's threadcutter (again!) but this time I got it out in time. If the weather isn't too bad (we have snow again..blah)  might take a trip to the sewingmachine dealer tomorrow.  If not, I'll do without and cut the threads myself for a while.

Next row? Browsing through Quilter's Academy volume 3 I think perhaps flying geese:)


  1. ha ha ha!!! Sven is MY Viking's name, too!!! and he is a rebel, just like me ... your quarter square border is waaaaay cool!!!

    p.s. - i have that same squarer-upper and i wouldn't trade it for any other - i even take the time to put it back into the plastic sleeve after using it so i won't lose it

  2. So acurate and beautiful at the same time. Keep on showing..

  3. Love what you are creating there Ann!! Looking great!! I've never done a 2 colored quilt. Something I'll have to tackle one day...

  4. Haven't been reading many blogs lately, but I just happened on this post today. I love, love, love the red and white!