Thursday, February 28


Finally decided it was time to actually SEW instead of reading about  it, meaning that i jumped right in the Quilter's Academy books by the Hargrave ladies.
I have been struggling with machine piecing, making points meet. So pulled out fabric ánd one of the books and followed all the "rules'
Half square triangles revisited!
Check this out: ALL points match! I'm very pleased with myself :)
 What really did the trick was the seam fanning
Unbelievable that no one ever, during all the years I've been piecing/quilting told me about FANNING THE SEAMS! It makes a huge difference in reducing bulk and accurate points.
All I ever learned was pressing half of the seams to the right and the other half to the left, butting them together and stitch. I tried fanning once but didn't know how. Quilter's Academy taught me:) and following line by line in the book, turned on a lightbulb. This is really an "aha-erlebnis"
Ofcourse I decided on red and white, totally inspired by all the red/white solid quilts popping up on several blogs ánd on Pinterest.
I'm adding borders,making them up as I go
Next chapter is quarter square triangles. It IS a painstaking process of constantly measuring, pressing, cutting etc etc, but it's well worth the exercise. I feel I'm finally starting to learn :)
Needless to say that there are red and white threads everywhere in  my house. DH even found one or two in his dinner *lol*

I also finished the hearts top. Not as bright and cheerfull as  imagined it would be, but ah well, love is sometimes hard work and not always bright either.

Off to order some more red fabric!


  1. all those fanned seams make little pinwheels on the back of your quilt!!! it will be a shame to not be able to see them once you have quilted this beauty!!! super fantastic work!!!

  2. Excellent---really love those red/white triangles and that heart quilt is really cute. You are so right about the love part being hard work sometimes. :P

  3. Al twee keer een reactie geplaatst die beide in het heelal zijn verdwenen. Ik had nog wel zo'n mooi verhaal hier neergezet, al weet ik niet meer wat. Zal wel iets belerends zijn geweest over volhouden of zo! Het rood-wit ziet er in ieder geval heel mooi uit. Keurige puntjes!

  4. Driemaal is dus echt scheepsrecht. Het staat erin!

  5. Wat ontzettend leuk dat rood met wit !!