Saturday, August 3


With long sunshiny and hot days, summerholidays went by faster than i wished for.
Too hot too quilt and some days too hot to do anything but sit in the garden with a book and a cold drink and trying to keep the blackbirds from the grapes. I really want to eat some myself this year!

There were other things to "entertain"myself. I took baking DD's Phone over. Omg, it's a SMARTphone. I came a long way from my old Nokia with which i could only make a call and send a textmessage to this HTC. It took me at least a week before I managed to answer an incoming call.Ofcourse, personalising the "new to me" Phone was a big deal: I did not only order one, but two cases. The left one is very appropriate for me struggling and polka dots just had to be!

 Quilting DD also had a summerproject in mind for the both of us. She insisted we had to sew clothing . I did sew shorts and dresses for the kids when they were little but haven't done anything like that for áges. Furthermore, DD wanted to sew with KNITS. Last time i tried was a downright disaster. But DD was persistend and said that, whatever the outcome, she'd wear it on the way home.
So I plunged into the world of jersey needles and twin ones and took a trip to the market with DD for knitfabric.  She had a pattern for a "30minute pencilskirt", but we had to modify, wrestle with the twin needle and ofcourse most of the afternoon went by by searching items, misplaced by ...yes, by me.
After DD left, I had this
and a skirt! It turned out quite easy to do and I intend to try more:)

Last but not least: Quilting DD and I will be hopping on a plane coming thursday to Birmingham!!!!
We're going to The Festival of Quilts for the second time. I'm só looking forward to that trip!


  1. Zo zie je maar dat je nooit te oud bent om te leren. Zo'n smart phone valt nog niet mee. Ik zou na 10 mjaar bij Vodafone toch met zo'n ding moeten kunnen omgaan maar nee hoor. We worden maar geen vriendjes.
    Het rokje is goed gelukt. Het naaien van knits lijkt moeilijker dan het is. Veel plezier in Birmingham. Kom met een koffer vol (effen) stofjes en een hoofd vol ideeën terug!

  2. your grapes are doing better than mine - neither of us can eat them and i don't ever get around to making jelly or jam, so i am happy to let the birds feast for a week or two - but it would be nice if they'd leave some of the strawberries for me ... july seemed to fly by here, too, and i am NOT ready to go back to the same old same old in just a week or two - groan!

    have fun in Birmingham!!!