Monday, August 12

The Festival!

Back after 4 exhausting days in Birmingham....
Thursday I had to rise very early to go to the airport, where we (after some delay) boarded on a somewhat unusual (to me) plane. A Haviland
 On arrival we dropped our bags at the cloakroom and decided to get lunch first
 We had a mission on day one. I brought C's fav Kaffe Fasset book and promised her to get it signed by Kaffe himself.
He was happy to oblige and carefully wrote :"for Corrine" before adding his signature. Not that he had something better to do :)
 After that mission was completed, we went for the quilts and the stalls along with LOTS of other quilters
 Later in the afternoon, we called it a day, checked into the hotel

 freshened up and went to eat something at the local pub.


  1. ja helaas geen ontbijtbuffet vanochtend :-(

  2. Lekker ontspannend en vermoeiend!