Thursday, October 24


 When C returned from her annual US trip she brought me a present: a pair of Gingher scissors!
O my, it slides through fabric. What a joy to cut a piece of fabric to shreds *lol*

I trained my family to stay away from my sewing stuff and always ask first before using something that's in my sewingroom.
But these scissors need extra protection and when I came across this tin in Oxford, I did not hestitate.
Perfect for my precious quilting notions!
So, now you know. My pencils are not for writing on paper, my scissors not for paper, my pins not for pinning posters on the wallpaper, my gluestick is not for an artproject and my rotarycutter is for fabric only. You cannot use my safetypins to replace a missing button. You can't take my buttons either and my rulers are off limit too.
Back away!

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  1. That is too funny! And oh, so right! I love it!