Friday, October 25

Quilt S.O.S!

When I visited Biker Son the other day I was shocked to see the state his Skulls and Bones quilt was in. It was not just a case of "bring it over and I'll wash it for you", oh my, no. It was worn and torn. Even the (double) binding was worn in places.
In his defense I must say that he slept under his quilt, and only under his quilt, from the day I finished it, March 2008. Apparantly 6 years of very intense use is enough :)
March 2008

I knew he needed a new one and showed him patterns on more than one occasion. He never liked any of them. He's attatched to his Skull quilt and his Skull quilt only.
He won't even let me replace the shredded binding!

Still I decided he needs a new quilt NOW. I picked a pattern, ordered 3 shades of grey and black and got to work.
Measuring, cutting, pressing, trimming, sewing, fanning the seams. Repeat...

I'm halfway there and ran out of fabric. I do hope FabricShack deliveres soon.
Don't worry about the overload of grey. RED will be added. Duh

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  1. i totally understand how he feels about his quilt - Auntia made a little quilt for me (named Warm Fuzzies) right after she started quilting a looooong time ago and i have loved it to shreds, too! i love the other quilts that she has given to me, but Warm Fuzzies is irreplaceable...