Thursday, October 31

Hello Handsome!

It took a lot of FF (Fiddling with Fabric) as well as some math :( , but I think I nailed it.
A Halloween appropriate sneak peek of Biker Son's new quilt.
Hello Handsome !

Sunday, October 27


 Inspiration is everywhere! Even in a parkinglot.
Don't want it on the roof of my car, but I'd love it on my bed. In reality the blue was a darker turqoise. Like the colourcombo!

Friday, October 25

Quilt S.O.S!

When I visited Biker Son the other day I was shocked to see the state his Skulls and Bones quilt was in. It was not just a case of "bring it over and I'll wash it for you", oh my, no. It was worn and torn. Even the (double) binding was worn in places.
In his defense I must say that he slept under his quilt, and only under his quilt, from the day I finished it, March 2008. Apparantly 6 years of very intense use is enough :)
March 2008

I knew he needed a new one and showed him patterns on more than one occasion. He never liked any of them. He's attatched to his Skull quilt and his Skull quilt only.
He won't even let me replace the shredded binding!

Still I decided he needs a new quilt NOW. I picked a pattern, ordered 3 shades of grey and black and got to work.
Measuring, cutting, pressing, trimming, sewing, fanning the seams. Repeat...

I'm halfway there and ran out of fabric. I do hope FabricShack deliveres soon.
Don't worry about the overload of grey. RED will be added. Duh

Thursday, October 24


 When C returned from her annual US trip she brought me a present: a pair of Gingher scissors!
O my, it slides through fabric. What a joy to cut a piece of fabric to shreds *lol*

I trained my family to stay away from my sewing stuff and always ask first before using something that's in my sewingroom.
But these scissors need extra protection and when I came across this tin in Oxford, I did not hestitate.
Perfect for my precious quilting notions!
So, now you know. My pencils are not for writing on paper, my scissors not for paper, my pins not for pinning posters on the wallpaper, my gluestick is not for an artproject and my rotarycutter is for fabric only. You cannot use my safetypins to replace a missing button. You can't take my buttons either and my rulers are off limit too.
Back away!

Sunday, October 20

Oxford part 3

Let's finish my Oxford adventures with Harry Potter! We went to visit Christ church and college buildings aka Hogwarts.

 And here's where Harry met Malfoy for the first time...
Hogwarts great hall!
Patchwork is everywhere:)
 We ended our trip with the best breakfast in bed at Malmaison hotel.....

Ofcourse we went to see DD's place. On our way back we saw this house.
Is it raining cats and....SHARKS???
Leaving us with a few questions: is there a shark's head in the attic? Is the attic getting wet, everytime it rains?

Thursday, October 17

Oxford part2 (overload of pictures!)

After we had coffee, DD gave us a tour at Malmaison. Check the Original cell they kept!
Original cell doors are kept. Note the dents in the iron doors, made by the prisoners. This is the inside of our room.
 To make matters worse: when a prisoner misbehaved, they were locked up in a punishment cell in the dark, for 24 hours. DD happily locked her dad in.

 Inside DH made this pic. If you look closely, you can see the image of a face on the wall. I have a better pic, but am unable to upload that one. I tried several times! Perhaps there IS a ghost ....
Second day we checked in and how welcome we were!
 Fancy smelling toilettries :)
 It is easy to believe in ghosts at night. ....
Some random pics of Oxford............................................

More to come!

Wednesday, October 16

Malmaison Oxford

It's autumn break/holiday and I have to whole week off. DH had some free days and so did Quilting DD and her dear BF. What better thing to do than get in the car and drive to Oxford UK???
See for ourselves how baking DD is doing over there ánd see the Malmaison Hotel . Is it really as great as Baking DD tells us? Her hotel stories are always very enthousiastic...

We got of at a rocky start. On Friday, the day before we were supposed to leave, Expedia called and told us the hotel, we planned to stay the first night , was overbooked. Luckily Quilting DD managed to find something else.
Saturday we drove off very early to Calais to take the ferry to Dover. A bit of a rocky crossing but finally: the white Cliffs of Dover appeared.
 Notice that square blue miniature car? That's us :)
First we checked in, at the last minute motel en by bus (yep, a red double one)we drove to the city centre.
walked to the Malmaison, found DD and gave her a big imissedyou hug.

We were offered coffee/tea and Baking DD was told to go with us and "take your time" How nice!
Before returning to her duties, she showed us around. DH took pics and even captured a ghost on camera. Whooooo....More later!!