Monday, March 10

Now, where were we..?

When there's no post for over a month, the usual phrase in Blogland is : "o my, whatever happened to...(february in my case). Well I know exactly what happened!
Baking DD had to be welcomed back to the country after spending 6 months in the UK, birthdays had to be celebrated (both DH and yours truly), a christmasdinner was re-enacted (Quilting DD and her BF even put their silly christmas sweaters on!) since Baking DD had missed that. Quilting DD graduated from University and that was reason for another party and last but not least, we had 4 days of Carnaval that we celebrate in the southern part of the Netherlands. Hotel Mama was fully booked :)
That, my friends, was February in a nutshell. Phew! I left out the stomach flue part.

Now things are back to normal. Kids are where they're supposed to be (I hope), DH and I are back to work after the Carnaval week and I'm even thinking of quilts again.
Needless to say that sewing/quilting was not on the agenda last month.

I did make something though! Low and behold: a thread rack that I hate putting on the wall. I think it's "clutter" (my ocd) but after I found 5 cones of white that were all more or less used, I had to come up with better organization plans.

I bought a wooden serving tray, drew a grid (that took the most of the afternoon!)
 Made DH drill holes to put sticks in (and glued those)
a little spray painting and voila: a threadrack. the pins could have been a bit longer, but I worked with what I had
 For baking DD's homecoming, I re decorated her room (after cleaning and painting duh) and sewed her a Minion pillow!. Who doesn't love Minions??? DD certainly does :) All it needs are a few buttons for the pants, but ofcourse I had no pair, just single ones!
Okay, now we're up to date, let's enjoy the summer like temperatures we have this week.( meaning: pulling weeds) Next week it'll rain again so then there will be sewed :)!


  1. Jaaaaah. De maand rond carnaval is altijd druk..... Wat een geweldig idee dat rek! Dat moet ik proberen! Dank je wel.

  2. ha ha ha!!! i am lurving the minion - we ALL need a minion, right?!?

    happy (belated) birthday!!!