Tuesday, January 14


Still thinking what to do with the Midnight quilt. I have been walking on air reading all the nice comments and emails! I mean, I never think of my own quilts in terms of 'fabulous' or 'stunning' :)
(more like 'mwa' or 'nice' or 'could be better') So a 'thank you' is in order.

Still contemplating what to next. The problem is that a medaillion quilt is a square. The Midnight is too small for a bed and too large for a wall in my relatively small home. I thought about repeating the orange peel border, but when I discussed that with a quiltshop owner, she suggested it would be better ending with a black background border. I think she has a point there, but that means adding TWO more borders. Am I willing to do that? Don't know....

Instead of making a decision, I bought some bright fabrics. Always a good idea when at a quiltshop!
Since I was with C, a Fasset made it to the stack too....
At the shop we saw some very nice embroidered biscornu pincushions. C said she wanted to learn how to embroider and since I did that a lot in my pre-patchwork era, I was happy to teach.To get my mind of the Midnight...
After the first embroidered square, C said she loved doing it and she thought it was addictive. I knew then we were in trouble!
I made a biscornu
 and a square, that's folded in four. Here's the front
 and back
 ...and another tiny biscornu

 And while I was cleaning out my sewingroom, I came across another pincuscion I made a while back. How about some hot chocolate?

Meanwhile, i have a embroidered needle case to finish, C and I ordered a bunch of new skeins and I STILL don't know what to do with the Midnight. *sigh*


  1. your pincushions are so cool!!! i ESPECIALLY love the hot chocolate!!! but if people ever actually stuck a pin in one of them, you might have to hurt them...

  2. So lovely! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla