Saturday, September 27

Breath in, breath out...

At work, I tried to put the deliveries into the frig too hastily. Picked up a crate, didn't see the one underneath that fell on the floor, stepped on that one and landed next to it:
  one black and blue knee with a bit less skin on it.

 I limped to bed later that day and woke up with a nasty mosquito bite on the other leg. It quickly became a big,red, hot, itchy, painfull "disk".

I noticed the joint in my pinky finger was sore. Arthitis of some kind. Red, hot, painfull, not able to bend. My Mum had it too. Doctor's advice: stop whatever you're doing craft/sew/quilt wise. That's the best thing. (not going to happen, love)

Next day, sat in a chair reaching for something that was out of reach. I still tried but the wood inside the armrest was stronger than my ribcage: the feel and sound of a "crack" and one badly bruised rib.
Painkillers don't really work and just breathing is a challenge.

Getting old is not for sissies.