Thursday, September 18


Okay, let's do an update on my whereabouts:)
I'm having a bit of a hard time adjusting to "work-mode". Falling asleep, although tired, is more like hours of tossing and turning and the bags under my eyes in the morning are there to stay, no matter whatever make-up plan I come up with.
Ah well, i will probably "get in the groove" again just before daylight saving time!

Although I started quilting the Midnight, I made little to no progress. That too, will come back, I'm sure.

September here is warm, even hot. While August was mostly grey and wet,but the sun came back for an encore! Summer dresses are out of the closet again!
Next week temps will drop again, so let's enjoy while it lasts..

I did spent a day doing something quilty, as I drove  to Quilting DD to help layering and basting a finished quilttop she made. And since my tiny appletree came up with a crate ful of apples I decide to bake and bring an applepie. That's very a-typical of me; I hate baking and cooking and, to be honest, my last " baking a pie"attempts were pathetic. But i felt convidend and look what I baked!!!

It was delicious and DD and I nearly ate it all :)(breakfast and lunch)
I also made apple compôte or in Dutch "appelmoes", here in progress

It all turned out só good that yesterday...
Tadááá!! and there are still enough apples left for more....
Maybe I should sew an apple miniquilt as well. Already found a pattern. There must be some fysical (sewing) exersize after eating TWO pies LOL


  1. ooooo!!! those pies look good enough to EAT!!!

    i remember the little apple blossoms just a few months ago - who says there are no Miracles?!?

  2. And what to think of an apple core quilt?