Thursday, December 11

It's that time of year again..

The time with grey skies and less daylight, days with less energy and still the same workload, holiday season with presents to buy and things to do.
Wintertime is just not for me although I can't complain about weather conditions overall. No snow and ice yet, thank you very much!!

DD finally sent some pics of our trip to Amsterdam a few weeks back. C, Baking DD and yours truly went to the Rijksmuseum. It had been a very long time since I was there so high time for a renewed visit.
We saw the wellknown Dutch masters, old and new

But this made the biggest impression....
We admired happier displays too....remember we have a wedding coming up? Check out these weddingdresses!


 After hours of strolling past every single item, DD decided it was shoppingtime. She still had energy to goof around :)

 The quiltshop however was allready closed....
I guess another trip to Amsterdam needs to be scheduled!

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  1. Good to read that you visit "our" Rijksmuseum. After the renovations I have been there twice. I love it.
    Happy Christmas and a healthy 2015.
    Mirjam Hesseling
    The Netherlands